samedi 11 juin 2022

Pickin' Time

Johnny Cash

Date: October 2, 1976 (Late Show)
Location: Wheeling, West Virginia
Venue: Jamboree USA, Capitol Music Hall

01. Help Me (Anita Carter)
02. Hold My Hand (Jan Howard)
03. Wabash Cannonball - Worried Man Blues (The Carter Family)
04. Ring Of Fire
05. Folsom Prison Blues
06. Pickin' Time
07. Big River
08. There You Go
09. Sunday Morning Coming Down
10. One Piece At A Time
11. Give My Love To Rose
12. A Boy Named Sue
13. Ragged Old Flag
14. Comedy Act (June Carter Cash)
15. Yodel Song (June Carter Cash)
16. Jackson (with June Carter Cash)
17. I Still Miss Someone
18. Hey Porter
19. Wreck Of The Old 97
20. Casey Jones
21. Orange Blossom Special
22. I Walk The Line

Grabbed on the web

17 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Grabbed on the web in lossless format, then converted into poor .mp3 quality. Thanks for nothing, I already have all your live concerts in a much better quality.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Anonymous Coward

I am happy for you. I'd also be glad if you wouldn't come here anymore since you seem to be wasting your time.

Rockandre a dit…

Thank you very much!

Jane a dit…

Here is a LINK text to a completely lossless, high-quality audio version of this show (only tracks 8, 11, and 18 are removed because it is "released material.")

It took me about a minute to find this lossless, high-quality audio version on the Internet.
If I spent a few more minutes, I could probably find tracks 8, 11, and 18 also.

There are obvious questions to ask about why someone would take readily-available and completely lossless high-quality audio material, degrade it into lossy MP3 format, and spread it back out to the world as some great gift.

Jane a dit…

It took me just a few more minutes and I found a LINK to a completely lossless, high-quality version of the show that includes tracks 8, 11, and 18.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Jane

Thank you so much for the time you took to do this research and share it here. I salute in you an immense audiophile. As mentioned here from the beginning, we only provide a "sample" quality so as not to harm the companies or individuals whose products we borrow. Do not waste your time visiting this pointless blog.

Jane a dit…

Uncle Gil, you are not protecting any company or individual by re-presenting material that is in the *public domain.*
For example, in regards to my previous comment on "New Grass Revival, 1972-05-19, Illinois State University," this material is already on Archive.Org in full lossless format, and it's in the *public domain.*
Your blog is actually worse than pointless, and your stated rationale for re-presenting this material in a lossy, degraded format is incoherent.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Jane, my useless blog seems, despite everything, to interest some who do not masturbate looking at the weight of the files and the displayed bitrate which, in the majority of cases, is false since re-encoded in order to satisfy "audiophiles" like you, but who listen music with their ears. Many of the thousands of vinyl albums I've been able to upload since 2006 were ripped when everyone was using connections with 56kb/s modems. Were you born? My blog having no use - for you - go your way.

Anonyme a dit…

The attitude of this so called Uncle stinks. But what do you expect from a 70+ year old idiot? Thank you Jane for sharing the lossless files. What amazes me is that this blog still has followers and "grateful" people for those "rare" finds.

Jane a dit…

The *majority* of material is not fraudulently re-encoded in order to satisfy audiophiles. I suspect you made that statistic up out of whole cloth, and it's not even close to factual.
In 2006, *everyone* was not using connections with 56kb/s modems, and they certainly are not today.
In 2006, the average connection speed was about 980kb/s, over 17 times as fast as what you claim "everyone" had.
By 2007, the average connection speed increased to about 3.5 mb/s.
By 2012, the average connection speed had increased to about 5.5 mb/s.
The average connection speed has increased steadily since 2012 and it's now about 18.75 mb/s. Many fast connections are over 200 mb/s today.

Uncle Gil a dit…

What I don't understand, dear Anonymous, is that with the opinion you have of this blog and of me, you are wasting your time coming to visit it and read the comments. Of course, you don't download any of the shit I post... You only enjoy spilling your gall at every polemic. What have I done to you? Who are you then?

Jane, you are not only an audiophile expert, but also an expert in connection speeds. Cheer. By the way, what tools do you use to check the spectrum of audio files? I don't have to use the wrong ones. Maybe you also maintain a blog or a forum. It would be nice to visit it.

Jane a dit…

I don't maintain a blog or a forum.
I have other blogs and forums that I visit.
I have looked at spectrums of audio that compare MP3 and lossless audio.
But I don't need to rely on spectrums; I can use my own ears.
I'm not hearing impaired; I can hear the difference and it is significant.
(My apologies to you and your subscribers if you are hearing impaired. I understand that some music lovers might be hearing impaired, and I do not mean disrespect for those who suffer that condition).
But, for those who have fully-functional auditory perception, what you are presenting on this blog sounds weak, thin, and degraded, which is typical of the MP3 format.
Although you claim your intention is to "preserve from oblivion" these recordings, you use "sample" quality bitrate, so you have preserved a mere ghost of an image of what you call "wonderful objects."
You have shared thin, room-temperature broth in lieu of the actual meal, and all for the savings of a few megabytes.
What makes your presentation particularly weird is that you have obviously gone to some effort to degrade your material before you present it.
You have gone out of your way to be mingy.
My condolences to you and your subscribers.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Jane (!?), I am flabbergasted! I would never have imagined that someone belonging, it seems, to my musical family could make such obsessive comments about the quality of the digital files shared here and pour out so much gall against me and my visitors. What is it about? Will you have the courage to reveal this?

Jane a dit…

Of course, Uncle Gil. I have nothing to fear by speaking my mind. That's why I spoke my mind bluntly in the first instance.
Now, I have read some past comments on your blog to try to determine why you do things the way you do, and I have learned some facts.
First, you have been told before by others, at least months ago in fact, that what you are presenting is "low quality." So, don't act surprised or "flabbergasted" when you hear that criticism again.
On the other hand, I now understand that you may be about ninety years old and you may have prepared some, or even most, or your material at a time when technology was limited. That's understandable.
However, to the extent you are still preparing your material that way, it's stubborn and pointless.
But apparently you are stubborn. You have made comments before that you don't think the quality of lossless audio is better, and that's ridiculous. See my first point: You have been told before. People can hear the difference.
Now, I think it's sad that you wasted so much time creating all those pathetic MP3s. I cannot imagine the hours you wasted doing that, if that is indeed what you did.
But, please do not take down your blog. I hope that it is preserved as a record for what to look out for in the future. Because, as you have previously suggested, some jackass is probably going to try to convert one or more of you MP3 sets to FLAC and pass it off somewhere as lossless audio. It will be detected almost immediately, but will inevitably waste someone's valuable time.

soulpapa a dit…

A snit..........there goes time lost which I will never recover! I'm surrounded by loons!

Uncle Gil a dit…

Jane (?!), You didn't quite understand. I am flabbergasted by your words, not by the bitrate of my files.
I'm going to repeat myself, don't waste your time here and go elsewhere fishing for that famous "lossless" you're obsessed with.
96,128,160 and 192 greet you well.

and... do you start the same controversy in the other places you visit?
Or is it only against my blog? If yes, why?

The Hot Bopper a dit…

Dear Uncle.
Don't waste your time with these imbeciles; you know who your friends are. Some of us just like digital versions of LPs we bought in the 70s that are not available on CD. People like our dear Uncle provide that service and we are immensely grateful.
Best wishes from a sunny England,
The Hot Bopper