samedi 11 juin 2022

Play It Cool

RAY CAMPI - "ROCKABILLY" - LP Rollin' Rock 001

A1 - Spoken Intro
A2 - Caterpillar
A3 - Play It Cool
A4 - It Ain't me
A5 - Give That Love To Me
A6 - Let Go Of Louie
A7 - You Can't Catch me
B1 - Living On Love
B2 - I Didn't Mean To Be Mean
B3 - My Screamin' Screamin' Mimi
B4 - The Crossing
B5 - Long Tall Sally
B6 - Loretta
B7 - Johnny Jives

Vinyl rip

2 commentaires:

The Hound a dit…

Thank you for Ray Campi LP Do you have a song by the name of Missouri By Ray campi on rollin rock I have looking for years for this the only thing I have seen it on is a rollin rock EP. Rocking Eddie

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Rockin' Eddie:

Here's the track you're looking for.