vendredi 10 juin 2022

Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues

Waylon Jennings & The Waylors
Abbott High School
Abbott, Texas
Fall, 1974

Willie Nelson Intro > Lonesome, On'ry and Mean
Good Hearted Woman
Treats You Right
Pretend I Never Happened
Me & Bobby McGee
Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
(DJ Talk)
Amanda (In Progress)
Laid Back Country Picker
You Asked Me To
Freedom To Stay (DJ unintentional interruption)
Honky Tonk Heroes
The Last Letter
(DJ Talk)
You Can Have Her
T For Texas
Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line

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3 commentaires:

Bob Mac a dit…

thank you

flatspin a dit…

Whoever put the notes together for this got it right - "this is prime Waylon." Thanks.

Rockandre a dit…

Superb! Thank you!