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samedi 29 novembre 2014

Knock, Knock, Knock

A1 - Ray Scott - You Drive Me Crazy
A2 - Larry Trider - Don't Stop
A3 - Ralph - I've Got It
A4 - Mac Curtis - Say So
A5 - Tony Casanova - When I Say Bye Bye
A6 - Jerry Jaye - Sugar Dumplin'
A7 - Robbie & Joe - She's Gonna Be Mine
A8 - Eddy Bell - Knock, Knock, Knock (Knocking On My Door)
B1 - Denni Alan - Sixth Solid Baby
B2 - Dickey Lee - Stay True Baby
B3 - Jiv-A-Tones - Flirty Gertie
B4 - Jimmy Johnson - How About Me - Pretty Baby
B5 - The Rockin' R's - Crazy Baby
B6 - Joey Du'Ambra - Come Back A-Little Mama
B7 - Johnny Ray Harris - Cajun Weekend
B8 - Keith Courvale - Trapped Love

Vinyl rip. Covers, labels by Willie

6 commentaires:

Colonel Dan a dit…

Hello Uncle Gil,
I Was In The Hospital When It Was 1st posted & It's A Special Recording For Me.
Every year,When I Lived In Arizona,Rockabilly/Country D.J. "Miss Holly King" Would Have Loy,His Wife & Various D.J.'s/Studio Owners For A Get Together Feast.
Mr.Clingman Was A VERY NICE MAN,Whom I'm Sorry To See Passed,But Would Love To Get Some Of His Music.
Thanks For Everything-You're The BEST!
All Good Wishes,
Colonel Dan

Uncle Gil a dit…

Take care, Colonel Dan!

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi there - great blog !

Was there a Country Rockers vol 4 ?
Vol 5 was posted twice - once as You Drive Me Crazy and also as Knock Knock Knock.

Keep up the great work and thanks !

PS If it's possible to make available Bison Bop 3,4,5, and 6 again that would be great !


Lay your comments, please!

Vol.4 is "Thumper Jones' Rock It" always available.

For Bison Bop... wait and see !
All the best

zephyr a dit…

Many thanks Uncle Gil

Dirk Bill a dit…

Well, this guy, like Volume 3, is dead on Zippy. Could you re-post this when you can? Sure would appreciate finishing this collection!

Uncle Gil a dit…

I will.
Be patient, please.