dimanche 2 janvier 2022

It's Late

RICKY NELSON - LIVE  1983-1985 - LP's Rhino

Album A
A1 - Stood Up - Waitin' In School
A2 - I Got A Feeling
A3 - Travelin' Man
A4 - Hello Mary Lou
A5 - Garden Party
B1 - You Know What I Mean
B2 - That's All Right
B3 - Believe What You Say
B4 - Milk Cow Blues Boogie

Album B
A1 - Never Be Anyone Else But You
A2 - Fool's Rush In
A3 - It's Up To You
A4 - Poor Little Fool
A5 - It's Late
B1 - Honky Tonk Women
B2 - My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
B3 - Boppin' The Blues
B4 - Lonesome Town

Vinyl rip

6 commentaires:

Man from Mordor a dit…

Thanks for this album which I didn’t know existed. Thanks also for all your hard work on this blog. Long may you rock on.

Anonyme a dit…

Happy New Year, Uncle.
Thanks for brightening our lives in these strange times; you can't go wrong with Rick(y) Nelson.
Do you have the Charly LP series 'Sun The Roots of Rock' from 1975-77 I think? I'm sure many of the alt takes, esp. the blues ones, have not come out again.
Thanks again,
The Hot Bopper,

Uncle Gil a dit…

You two, thanks for your comments and good wishes. Same for you!
For "Sun - The Roots Of Rock", I have some vinyl albums mainly Country and Rock of this series. The blues ones I have are from downloads here and there. I will look.
Best regards.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ The Hot Bopper:

Here are the six albums of Blues I downloaded long time ago.

In the future, I will repost my own rips of the seven others...

Anonyme a dit…

Cher oncle,
Merci beaucoup. WOW. Thanks for the Sun Roots Blues LPs. So soon. Looking forward to the others being posted.
All the best from England,
The Hot Bopper.

Jobe a dit…

Love the Ricky Nelson