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jeudi 22 octobre 2015

Rooty Tooty (Up)

A1 - Dukes Of Rhythm - Night Train
A2 - Good Times Brothers - Waitin' On You Baby
A3 - Lionel Torrence - Rooty Tooty
A4 - Little Clem - Tall Skinny Mama
A5 - Dukes Of Rhythm - High Ride
A6 - Ken Cameron - The Snake
B1 - Little Bob - I Wanna Be Your Man
B2 - Jay Nelson - A Fool That Was Blind
B3 - Classie Ballou - Confusion
B4 - Joe Carl - Somebody's Cheatin'
B5 - Sad Leroy White - A Merry Christmas
B6 - Joe Carl - Too Hot To Handle

Vinyl rip and scans by Silverlake

4 commentaires:

JohnnyDiego a dit…

I have loved all of the Jay Miller Sessions you have posted and this one is a treat as well.
I know the album was released in 1981, that's printed right on the record label and back cover, but the liner notes themselves are very sketchy as to the recording dates of the individual tracks.
You've helped me in the past, Uncle Gil. Are there any links you can point me to so I can find out more about the dates of the original recordings? I just love this stuff!

routeur 66 a dit…


new link


Uncle Gil a dit…

@ routeur 66: it works fine...

MANUEL a dit…

Thank you for this the Jay Miller Sessions