dimanche 2 juin 2024

I've Got The Railroad Blues


Disc 3

01. When We Held Our Hymn Books Together [Bluebird B-7192, 10-1937]
02. They Say It's Sinful To Flirt [Bluebird B-7192, 10-1937]
03. The Buded Rose [Bluebird B-7262, 11-1937]
04. Till The Roses Bloom Again [Bluebird B-7262, 11-1937]
05. The Weary Lonesome Blues [Bluebird B-7300, 12-1937]
06. I've Got The Railroad Blues [Bluebird B-7300, 12-1937]
07. Heavenly Light Is Shining On Me [Bluebird B-7337, 01-1938]
08. Lead Me [Bluebird B-7337, 01-1938]
09. The Farmer's Girl [Bluebird B-7383, 02-1938]
10. Look Up, Look Down The Lonesome Road [Bluebird B-7383, 02-1938]
11. Goodbye Booze [Bluebird B-7436, 03-1938]
12. Careless Love [Bluebird B-7436, 03-1938]
13. In That Vine Covered Chapel In The Valley [Bluebird B-7496, 04-1938]
14. Cause I Don't Mean to Cry When You're Gone [Bluebird B-7496, 04-1938]
15. Ain't It Hard to Love [Bluebird B-7560, 05-1938]
16. Big Ball In Texas [Bluebird B-7560, 05-1938]
17. I Need The Prayers Of Those I Love [Bluebird B-7672, 07-1938]
18. It's Wonderful There [Bluebird B-7672, 07-1938]
19. Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow [Bluebird B-7741, 08-1938]
20. Brother Take Warning [Bluebird B-7741, 08-1938]
21. Alcatraz Island Blues [Bluebird B-7778, 09-1938]
22. My Smokey Mountain Gal [Bluebird B-7778, 09-1938]
23. Leavin' On That Train [Bluebird B-7913, 11-1938]
24. Git Along [Bluebird B-7913, 11-1938]
25. Some Of These Days You're Gonna Be Sad [Bluebird B-7957, 12-1938]
26. Where Is My Sailor Boy [Bluebird B-7957, 12-1938]
27. The Only Star [Bluebird B-7991, 01-1939]
28. The Cannon Ball [Bluebird B-7991, 01-1939]
29. 15 Miles From Birmingham [Bluebird B-8031, 02-1939]
30. Quit Treating Me Mean [Bluebird B-8031, 02-1939]
31. There's A Lonesome Road [Bluebird B-8052, 03-1939]
32. Home On The River [Bluebird B-8052, 03-1939]

This compilation by Wurlitzer1900, May 2024

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Willie1990 a dit…

Can I Make One Last Request Please. I Want Waste Your Time Anymore.

Thanks. Willie

Bobby Williamson: Sh-Boom - Life Could Be A Dream BCD16843

Willie1990 a dit…

The Delmore Brothers - Volume 2, The Later Years: 1933-1952

JSP Records 320 Mp3's


Willie1990 a dit…

The Delmore Brothers - Classic Cuts 1933-1941 JSP 320 MP3


Willie1990 a dit…

The Louvin Brothers: Close Harmony - 1992 [BCD15561] (Flac)


Bob Mac a dit…

Thanks for #3.

Willie1990 a dit…

Sam and Kirk McGee & The Crook Brothers - Opry Old Timers 1962 Starday [Flac]


Uncle Gil a dit…

Thank you for participating. Are these your own rips? From your own CD's?

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Willie1990

Here's Bobby Williamson (from a 2007 download on the Planet Web)

Willie1990 a dit…

@ Unclie Gil. Yes There Mine. And Thanks.

Willie1990 a dit…

Would You Guy's Have This I Have The Other Ones.

Ernest Tubb: Walking The Floor Over You [BCD15853]

Ernest Tubb - Another Story 1999


Willie1990 a dit…

The Other 2 Ernest Tubb.

Ernest Tubb - Waltz Across Texas (1998)


Ernest Tubb - The Yellow Rose of Texas (1995)


Willie1990 a dit…

The Last One I Have.

Ernest Tubb - Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello (1991)


Armin a dit…

takes a few minutes to rar the 8 CD-BoxErnest Tubb - Walking The Floor Over You [BCD 15853] (8 CD-Box) [FLAC]

Willie1990 a dit…

@ Armin . I Know That Feeling.

Armin a dit…

ENJOY --->

Ernest Tubb - Walking The Floor Over You [BCD 15853] (8 CD-Box) [FLAC]


Willie1990 a dit…

Thank's Armin.

Do You Have. Cliff Bruner: & His Texas Wanderers (5-CD Deluxe Box Set [BCD15932]

Armin a dit…


Willie1990 a dit…

The Dixon Brothers - A Blessing to People (2012) [BCD16817] 320


Willie1990 a dit…

@ Armin. I Would Like To Have It If You Can.

Willie1990 a dit…

@ Armin. Do You Have Hawkshaw Hawkin's - Gonna Shake This Shake Tonight. in Flac.

Armin a dit…

later. no time at the moment

Willie1990 a dit…

Hal Lone Pine & Betty Cody: On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine.

Would Anyone Have This. Please

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Willie1990

Since you say these are your own CD's and you rip them yourself, if I may offer some advice change the encoder. For the Delmore Brothers, you offer 320kbps files when in reality they do not exceed 128kbps. Ditto for one of the Ernest Tubb boxes. And, since it's mentioned in the tags "https://forwardwiththesong.blogspot.com/", I assume you are the host of the blog. I am wrong ?
And, Willie, you said that Bobby Williamson would be your last request, I see that is not the case.
My blog becomes a “playground”. It would be better if you all started your own blog and comments here are only about what is posted.

Moe a dit…

Uncle Gil

It is your blog and you control the comments. Ryp at Twilight Zone has a separate post per day for followers to post their requests and contributions and that seems to work fine, however it would be more work for you. Your posts and the other contributions are rare music and may not otherwise see the light of day. Just sayin please don't be offended

Rockin' Daddy a dit…

Thanks so much for Ernest Tubb Box-Set, Great work.
JUANM-PC, Madrid (Spain)

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Moe:

Moe, thank you for your comment. I'm not offended, of course.
Faced with the "development" of the contributions of my nephews and nieces, I thought of doing like RYP. But I didn't want to imitate him. His solution is a very good one. I will see...
On the other hand, what I regret is the abuse of some in their requests. Often without a thank you and no participation.
But I must be too "old school".

puterbutt a dit…

@ Uncle Gil,

Thanks for Disc 3, No complaints lol, track 14 is pretty hard to find on any platform.

I have posted mine here but it's only in 128kbps if your interested you can listen first and then download


Cyrusthevyrus a dit…

Thank you very much

Jacob33 a dit…

Would You Gentleman Have This My Great Uncle Play With Gene. I Have Look Places But Can't Find . I Hate Asking People For Help.

Thanks. Jacob

Gene O'Quin - Boogie Woogie Fever

puterbutt a dit…


I don't have the compilation album but here is the song if you want it, it will expire by tonight