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mardi 20 octobre 2015

I'm A Honky Tonk Daddy (Up)

A1 - Pee Wee Trahan - White Lightnin'
A2 - Joey Gills - Baby Leave Your Troubles At Home
A3 - Ronald Bezette - Store Bought Mama
A4 - Billy Ray - Messin' Around
A5 - Benny Fruge - Bayou Boogie
A6 - Al Terry - City Hall Rag (instr.)
B1 - Mark Hamilton - I'm A Honky Tonk Daddy
B2 - Smokey Stover - Go On And Leave My Baby Alone
B3 - Johnny Bass - Don't Move Too Slow
B4 - Alex Broussard - Cajun Man
B5 - Pee Wee Whitewing - Bud's Bounce
B6 - Don Ray Coates - Crazy Blues

Vinyl rip. Scan Covers by Silverlake

3 commentaires:

jdogg a dit…

Please re-up. Thanks.

psps46 a dit…


thanks for great music.

Is there a chance to re-up from the Jay Miller series Vol. 32, 33, 37, 38, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45 and finally Vol. 50?

All their links a dead.

Thanks in advance. regards

Uncle Gil a dit…

@psps46: Be patient, I will re-up the complete series... (quasi) day after day!