samedi 20 janvier 2024

Honky Tonk For Outlaws













A1 - Honky Tonk For Outlaws
A2 - The Story Of Frankie & Albert
A3 - Arkansas Devil
A4 - The Hangin' Of Tom Dooly
A5 - The Saga Of Jesse James
A6 - Buckeye Jim In Jail
B1 - Sweet Things Go To Camptown
B2 - It Happened On The Streets Of Laredo
B3 - Showdown Hoedown
B4 - Medley - Red River Valley - Careless Love
B5 - Ballad To A Drunkard (Rye Whiskey)
B6 - Desperadoes Doom

6 commentaires:

d a dit…

Needless to say - but welcome back!!!

Tony Angel a dit…

uncle gil -
I have a request and have searched all over for. This should be right up your alley, Betty Long - I could not buy it, even if i could find a copy to buy.

You have been missed thank you for coming back.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Tony Angel:
Thanks for your kind words.
But, sorry I don't have this album.
I'll look around...

Anonyme a dit…

From OldMan : Thank's Uncle Gil.

LittleJack a dit…

Thanks for this album. Usually I don't listen to alternative takes, but there are allways exeptionand I'm curious to try a spin on every songs of this album.
A very big thanks !!!!

DonnaTV a dit…

Thank you - a great choice!