vendredi 19 janvier 2024

I Had A Bird And The Bird Pleased Me




A1 - Down, Down, Down
A2 - I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago
A3 - Colley's Run-I-O
A4 - Johnny Sands
B1 - I Had A Bird And The Bird Pleased Me
B2 - Sal On The Erie Canal
B3 - John Henry
B4 - The Runaway Logging Train

8 commentaires:

tomblues a dit…

Welcome back Uncle Gil, I did miss you and your music!

Crab Devil a dit…

Thank you, Uncle Gil! This post is interesting to me because, although I already knew who Pick Taylor was, I'd never actually heard him before.

Anonyme a dit…

From OldMan : Thank's. It's great.

Edwin Muller a dit…

Dear Uncle Gil, welcome back & Happy New Year ! Ed

John a dit…

So Great That You Are Back Uncle And A Thanks For This One Greetings

Kelly a dit…

thank you

The Hot Bopper a dit…

Hi, Uncle.
I'd stopped checking everyday so imagine my surprise today. Welcome back. I hope the time away has been good for you. Brilliant news for our music scene.
Best wishes for 2024.
The Hot Bopper in a drab England!

DonnaTV a dit…

Welcome Back. A really interesting choice - thank you.