lundi 13 décembre 2021


Clic on the pic...
The screenshot was taken this morning around 7:30 am (Europe hour).

Dirk S. has always been provocative.
He even confessed to me, a few years ago, that he didn't like Country Music but that it was very profitable for him.

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Anonyme a dit…

You sound like a jerk. Where is that blog you mentioned? As for me it looks like a private blog. Get a life uncle and move on.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi Anonym a.k.a. Dirk, uh ?
The blog was not "private" few hours ago, as you say.
The screenshot was taken this morning around 7:30 am (Europe hour).
Congrats for your quick reaction, dude!

Anonyme a dit…

Huh??? Not all people who don`t give their name are called Dirk. Some respect please to your followers or you might lose them for good.

Uncle Gil a dit…

:) In this case, dear Anonym, do not be cowardly and put your name or pseudo. Better your email address, I will be happy to communicate with you.

Ken Hippler (U.S.A.) a dit…


In this case, you are WAY off base. I know Hillbilly Rescue Team. He is a friend of mine and his name isn't Dirk and he doesn't rip off from ANYBODY. I can attest to the fact that his compilations are from 45rpm and 78rpm records that he actually BUYS! In fact, he shops around the world for them and tirelessly cleans them up for those who want the recordings which are usually out of print and have been for many years. You are definitely barking up the wrong tree this time. The classy thing for you to do right now is to take back your accusation and print a public apology. Thank you.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Ken Hippler:
So we have a friend in common, Ken.
Take the time to scroll down and read the other comments. You will therefore understand that I am not blaming the Hillbilly Rescue Team but a crook in Kenya who, for years, has been selling for his sole profit the recordings put online for free, compiled by enthusiasts like our friend. Regards.

Anonyme a dit…

Uncle, your personal stuff doesn`t belong on here. This is pissing me off, because this once so amazing blog becomes annoying. If you continue like this, you will lose many loyal friends on here. I`m off now because I do not like your attitude, especially with posting Facebook pictures of someone on here - even though those people are not fully visible. Shame on you Uncle, get a life.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Thank you Anonym (always cowardly and probably the famous Dirk S. recognizable by the terms used).
Nice to see you go. If it can be true.
And then, it's not just a personal matter anymore. Many other blogs were affected.

Vintagecountry a dit…

Uncle Gil:

Yes, I did indeed misunderstand what you mentioned as a response to my comment. If I am correct, the crook you mention has also (finally) had his illegal CDs taken down by Amazon. It is likely the same crook who goes by the name "Kipepeo Publishing". Also, you may be aware of this post from 2019:

Bottom line: he needs to go to prison!

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Vintagecountry:
Effectively, it is indeed the same person.
I had read the comments on "Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear..." (very good) blog at the time.
All the best!

Harlan Taylor a dit…

Happy New Year, Uncle Gil! Thanks for continuing to fight the good fight! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help! - BHT

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Harlan Taylor:
Happy New Year to you too, Harlan.
Glad to have news from you and thanks for your proposal.
If necessary, I will be sure to ask to you.
Best regards.

andyrama a dit…

Happy New Year, Gil!

I was sorry to see you close your blog a few years ago, due to this jerk.

I was really happy that you started posting again. Thanks for all you've done to share good music over the years. I'd hate to see you close again, but this a**hole is worse than a skunk at a wedding.

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