dimanche 25 septembre 2022

I'm Gonna Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox


A1 - Earl Peterson - Boogie Blues
A2 - Earl Peterson - In The Dark
A3 - Doug Poindexter - Now She Cares No More For Me
A4 - Howard Serrat - I Must Be Saved
A5 - Malcolm Yelvington - It's Me Baby
A6 - Malcolm Yelvington - I've Got The Blues (Way Down Blues)
A7 - Malcolm Yelvington - Goodbye Marie
A8 - Malcolm Yelvington - Rockin' With My Baby
B1 - Ernie Chaffin - I'm Lonesome
B2 - Ernie Chaffin - Please Don't Ever Leave Me
B3 - Onie Wheeler - I'm Gonna Jump Right Out Of This Jukebox
B4 - Teddy Reddel - Me And My Blues
B5 - Carl McVoy - Born To Lose
B6 - Texas Bill Strenght - I Guess I'd Better Go
B7 - Texas Bill Strenght - Call Of The Wild
B8 - Dane Stinit - Ghost Of Marylou

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Anonyme a dit…

Thanks, Uncle.
You can't have too much SUN in these troubled times.
Rockin' regards from England,
The Hot Bopper