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mercredi 21 octobre 2015

My Little Queen Bee (Up)

A1 - One Of These Days
A2 - Harmonica Instrumental
A3 - That Ain't Your Business
A4 - Things Gonna Change
A5 - Talking Blues
A6 - Don't Start Crying Now
B1 - Dream Girl
B2 - I Got Love If You Want It
B3 - My Little Queen Bee
B4 - Strange Love
B5 - We're Two Of A Kind
B6 - I Love The Life I'm Living

Vinyl rip and scans by Silverlake

5 commentaires:

Jillem a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil, still going strong and steady!

Great swamp blues. Chapeau!!

"I Got Love If You Want It'' by John Pennington

''Recorded in Nashville, Tn. in the late 50's. I was the drummer on this song at Excello Recording Studios in Nashville. The third floor in this building was the "echo chamber". A microphone was placed at one end of the open floor and a speaker was at the other end, causing a delay in the music and thus the "echo effect". Probably was the first ever echo to ever be used on a recording. jp''

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hi Jillem,
Interesting quote. Thanks!

MANUEL a dit…

greatt, thank you

Ben a dit…

Link does not work! Could you re-upload please?
Thank you.....

Uncle Gil a dit…

Thanks @Ben : Done!