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Country Boy's Dream


01. Just For You (1960, Columbia 4-41825)
02. Honey, Cause I Love You (1960, Columbia 4-41825)
03. Anyway The Wind Blows (1961, Columbia 4-42061)
04. The Unhappy Girls (1961, Columbia 4-42061)
05. Hollywood City (1962, Columbia 4-42405)
06. The Fool I Used To Be (1962, Columbia 4-42405)
07. Sister Twister (1962, Columbia 4-42514)
08. Hambone (1962, Columbia 4-42514)
09. Forget Me (Next Time Around) (1963, Columbia 4-42753)
10. I've Just Got Back From There (1963, Columbia 4-42753)
11. For A Little While (1963, Decca 31548)
12. Help Me Find My Baby (1963, Decca 31548)
13. After Sundown (1964, Decca 31591)
14. I Wouldn't Have You (1964, Decca 31591)
15. Big Bad Blues (1964, Decca 05909)
16. Lonely Heart (1964, Decca 05909)
17. The Monkey Shine (1964, Decca 31709)
18. Let My Baby Be (1964, Decca 31709)
19. One Of These Days (1964, Decca 31786)
20. Mama Of My Song (1964, Decca 31786)
21. Country Boy's Dream (1966, Dollie D 505)
22. If I Could Come Back (1966, Dollie D 505)
23. Shine, Shine, Shine (1967, Dollie D 508)
24. Almost Love (1967, Dollie D 508)
25. Without You (1967, Dollie D 512)
26. You Can Take The Boy Out Of The Country (1967, Dollie D 512)
27. My Old Home Town (1968, Dollie D 514)
28. Back To Tennessee (1968, Dollie D 514)
29. Lake County Cotton Country (1968, Dollie D 516)
30. It's You (1968, Dollie D 516)

This Compilation By Wurlitzer1900, June 2024

26 commentaires:

Rick a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil!

Rick a dit…

Grady Martin & The Slewfoot Five - Big City Lights LP 60

The Browns Featuring Jim Edward Brown- Town & Country LP 60

Question, are my uploads being downloaded successfully? Not out for glory, but with this server, I don't even know if my files are even downloaded??? Am I posting in vain? Rarely do I see a "Thanks" to the one who posted, sometimes Uncle Gil isn't given a "Thanks"... Please thank the poster, because many of us do not even know if our files have been downloaded. Do you grab or listen and appreciate? Not starting trouble in any way, but let the poster know you downloaded, listened...As I try, find good, hard to find music, it's not not an easy task. I do it out of love and caring. Thank You Uncle Gil for This Wonderful Forum!!! rICK

Rockin' Daddy a dit…

Carl Perkins – The Classic Carl Perkins [1990] FLAC
Bear Family – BCD 15494 EH (5CD+Booklet)

Cyrusthevyrus a dit…

Thank you very much

Rockin' Daddy a dit…

Red Foley – Hillbilly Fever (4CD) [2006]
Proper Records – PROPERBOX 107 (UK)

Armin a dit…

Good morning & ENJOY --->

Mack Vickery - Live At The Alabama Women's Prison [BCD 16994] [FLAC]

The Maddox Brothers & Rose - The Most Colorful Hillbilly Band In America [BCD 15850] (4 CD-Box) [FLAC]

Mitchell Torok - Mexican Joe In The Caribbean [BCD 15906] (4 CD-Box) [FLAC]

Armin a dit…

Dear Rick, unfortunately we have to live with some of these people who stuff their bellies with other people's music and do not have the politeness or have not learned to give a simple "thank you". - I, for example, am a collector and listen to all posts, and I'm always looking for ways to please others.

musicyoucan a dit…

@ Rick and Armin
I Understand your frustration to provide so much music items without feedback or Thanks. I want to Thank you sincerly and of course Uncle Gill's also for so much great music.

bulldogUK a dit…


Thank you for the Mitchell Torok .. nice one!!

Armin a dit…

Thank you very much for your kind words. I have been in file sharing for too long to be frustrated with these types of people. lol - But I just wanted to encourage Rick to keep on posting. Thank you for your kind words for UG's exceptional blog

Uncle Gil a dit…

If you have opened an account on Workupload, since this is the server you use, you can see the number of downloads of each file. Which will allow you to see that the rate of thanks is so small that it can be discouraging.
It turns out that many "givers" do this for the pure pleasure of sharing and that "takers" gorge themselves shamelessly and never have enough.
This is, unfortunately, “the new world.”
Armin, Rick, RnRoller, Rockin' Daddy and the few others, thank you for keeping the comments section alive...

Aussie a dit…

a nice big thank you

LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

7771 United - B B King - Better than ever

7772 United - B B King - Live

7773 United - B B King - The Original Sweet Sixteen 1966


LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

7757 United - Preston Love's Omaha Bar-B-Q

7756 United - The Incredible Soul Of B.B. King - 1959


Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Juarez:
Thanks fror the United Series...

puterbutt a dit…

@Armin & Rick and anyone else.

It's a touchy subject posting comments and very frustrating to the uploader who goes through much trouble and not knowing if it's gone into cyberspace.

In the early days of blogging when all the big collectors used it and myself included in another nic older than this one, it was easy to be tracked for all to see just using a search engine alone so most of us never answered and private blogs popped up then cloud sharing, Hubic was the better one for letting you know how many downloaded but that's now gone and a lot of private blogs too.

Myself it's very rare i download from blogger and sometimes I will d'l just to listen to as it's too much to dig out data dvds. I enjoy the comments more so and keep track of whats circulating, I found it interesting you uploaded some BACM albums which do mot circulate very well and now in the 700's. I'm old school and a very long way away from Limewire. most I knew on blogger are now dead or can't cope with the comp anymore, me too hahaa.

LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

In my work, I hear a lot of people say that they "didn't have time" to do an obligation, like paying bills. I think the same thing happens to many of us. I often forget to thank our colleagues, our "cousins". So I apologize once again for not showing my gratitude after every download. A good weekend to everyone.


Silvano a dit…

Thank'you all, friends

LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

I'll make a new request, if you don't mind:

LP The Sons Of The Pioneers Radio Transcriptions Vol. 2 (Outlaw Records)
A1 Put On Your Old Gret Bonnet
A2 Dear Old Girl
A3 Gospel Train
A4 Dese Bones Gwine To Rise Again
A5 Lone Star Trail
A6 Little Red Barn
B1 Hills Of Old Kentucky
B2 Little Annie Ronnie
B3 Jim Crack Corn
B4 Rufus Rastus Johnson Brown
B5 Jordan Am A Hard Road To Travel
B6 Threw It Out The Window

Thank you


Armin a dit…

Sorry, I have only

The Sons Of The Pioneers - Radio Transcriptions Vol. 1 [1980 CSR 7] (320 KB)

LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

I'm looking for:

10' - Charlie Thompson - Vic-Tone – VIK 207
A1 Rocky Mountain Queen
A2 Hey Baby
A3 You'll Look A Long, Long Time
A4 Ah Ha
A5 Gonna Come Get You
B1 Changed My Mind
B2 Losing Game
B3 I've Got It Again
B4 You're Not Mine Anymore
B5 Fallin' ,Fallin' ,Fallin

Single 7' - Benny And The Cats Meet Charlie Thompson - 2015
A Blue Skies And Paradise
B Good Deal, Lucille



LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

Uncle Gil:
Could you be so kind as to repost this Buddy Holly LP? I looked in other sources, without success. Thanks.- Juarez


A01 - Oh Boy
A02 - Last Night
A03 - That's My Desire - False Start # 1
A04 - That's My Desire - False Start # 2
A05 - That's My Desire
A06 - When Sin Stops - Instr.
A07 - When Sin Stops - Instr.
A08 - Take Your Time - False Start # 1
A09 - Take Your Time - False Start # 2
A10 - Take Your Time
A11 - Bo Diddley
A12 - That'll Be The Day - Jingle 1
A13 - That'll Be The Day - Jingle 2
A14 - Smokie Joe's Cafe
A15 - Learning The Game
A16 - Think It Over - False Start
A17 - Think It Over
B01 - Real Wild Child
B02 - Peggy Sue
B03 - Come Back Baby
B04 - Instrumental
B05 - Fool's Paradise
B06 - Maybe Baby
B07 - Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie
B08 - Mona - Take 1
B09 - Mona - Take 2
B10 - Bo Diddley
B11 - Reminiscing
B12 - Oh You Beautiful Doll

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Juarez.

Holly done!
Like Armin, I have only the Vol. 1 of The Sons Of Pioneers.

LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

My dears: One day or another, the album will appear. We must not lose faith.


lemonflag a dit…

Thank you for the BB King.

Rick a dit…

Sons Of The Pioneers -Cowboy Hymns And Spirituals -1948

I posted my apology under Carl Perkins Vol3, this selection is straight from a 1948 78 RPM "Box Set" Which consisted of 8 78 RPM, Singles, Art scans of the discs included. Hope this helps. Rick