samedi 22 juin 2024

If You Ain't Got The Do-Re-Mi

01 - Theme-A Cowboy Has to Yell
02 - Let Me Ride My Pony Down the Sunset Trail
03 - Once I Had a Darling Mother
04 - Hold That Critter Down
05 - I'm Talking About You
06 - I'm Going to the Hoedown-Theme Out
07 - Theme-Small Town Mama
08 - Mama Please Stay Home With Me
09 - If You Ain't Got the Do-Re-Mi
10 - I Might Have Known
11 - I'll Reap My Harvest in Heaven
12 - Don't Hang Around Me Anymore
13 - A Sinner's Prayer Is Never Answered
14 - The Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind
15 - Write Me, Sweetheart
16 - I'm a Handy Man to Have Around
17 - I've Rambled Around-Theme Out-Station Break
18 - Gathering Flowers for the Master's Bouquet
19 - I Couldn't Believe It Was True
20 - KTRB Theme-Regal Pale Beer Ad
21 - The Gold Rush Is Over
22 - Almost
23 - Too Old to Cut the Mustard
24 - Breathless Love
25 - KTRB Theme-Regal Pale Beer Ad
26 - Walkin' in My Sleep
27 - Introduction by Fred & Rose
28 - Fried Potatoes
29 - Nobody's Love Is Like Mine
30 - Meanest Man in Town
31 - Freight Train Boogie
32 - KTRB Theme Out


10 commentaires:

Countryhank a dit…

Joyeuses Pâques,
Uncle Gil!
countryhank :-))

Rick a dit…

Marty Robbins - Under Western Skies [1996] (4 x CDs) BCD15646


Rockin' Daddy a dit…

Thanks so Much

Rockin' Daddy a dit…

Johnny Cash – Come Along And Ride This Train 1960-1977 [1991] FLAC
Bear Family – BCD 15563 DH (4CD + Book)

Best regards

Cyrusthevyrus a dit…

Thank you very much

bulldogUK a dit…

Thank you Uncle Gil, Armin, Rockin' Daddy, Rick and all that sent such a wealth of good music our way.
Etenally grateful.

Aussie a dit…

thank you

Diogenes a dit…

Thanks for this! Wish I could find the LP or cassette version of the album - there are several more songs like 'Texas Playboy Rag' which isn't available elsewhere to my knowledge. I just love that 'Fried Potatoes' song with a teenage Roy Nichols on lead guitar. Rockin'! Thanks again.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Diogenes

LP "On The Air" Vol. 2 is posted, right now. With "Texas Playboy Song"...
I think I have the Vol. 1 on my shelves... Wait & See for tomorrow :)

Diogenes a dit…

Thx Uncle Gil!