dimanche 21 janvier 2024

Slowly Going Crazy


01 - Salt Your Pillow Down
02 - Could You
03 - Always Remember (Missing).txt
04 - Warm Beer & Cold Cold Women
05 - Throwing My Life Away
06 - Mama Loves Papa
07 - Eternity
08 - I've Lived A Lot In My Time
09 - Woman Love
10 - All Dressed Up
11 - Don't Tell Me Your Troubles (unissued)
12 - Five Days, Five Days (unissued)
13 - If You Don't Like My Peaches (unissued)
14 - Too Many Honky Tonks (unissued)
15 - Slowly Going Crazy (unissued)
16 - Sitting On The Doorstep (unissued)
17 - Preview Of The Blues (unissued)
18 - Cigarettes And Coffee (unissued)

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Great Hillbilly Rockabilly 50s Tanks.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you Uncle Gil, I didn't know this album

Lester a dit…

So nice to have you back, Uncle!

lemonflag a dit…

Gil if you included "Uncle Gil presents" on the front of your created album covers maybe people won't steal them. Just a thought.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ lemonflag : it's an idea, but I'm often just the illustrator and not the compiler. This would unfairly attribute “authorship” of the compilation to me.
For three days the leechers have already been at work :(

Chocoreve a dit…

C'est un plaisir de te voir de retour, Uncle Gil !Mais nul doute que les leechers et les haters ne sont pas près de disparaitre de la blogosphère, je le crains...