mercredi 6 juillet 2022

Silver Bell Yodel


A1 - Wide Rolling Plains
A2 - The Yodeling Leprechaun
A3 - Who Can I Count On
A4 - Chime Bells
A5 - Mocking Bird Hill
B1 - Second Fiddle To An Old Guitar
B2 - Silver Bell Yodel
B3 - I Cried Again
B4 - Echoing Hills
B5 - Swiss Lullaby

Vinyl rip by Unk

7 commentaires:

LittleJack a dit…

Merci !!!!

andyrama a dit…

Is this a lonesome lefty rip?

Edwin Muller a dit…

Uncle Gil, thanks so much for this; I have this on vinyl but not in the best shape. Be well, Ed

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ andyrama.

I don't know. Generally, I tag the name of the uploader. There, I had put "Unknown".

jack a dit…

Hello Uncle Gil, I can't get this one to work please. George Rout, Ontario, Camada.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ jack
The link (on first line) is still working.
Hundreds of downloads attest to it and I just checked.
Try again.

candy hunt a dit…

Hey Uncle, I never heard of this little sweetheart! Will give it a try, thank you. "Second fiddle to an old guitar" is a great song title.