samedi 30 juillet 2022

I'm Just Too Lazy


A1 - You Lied
A2 - You're A Humdinger
A3 - I'm Just Too Lazy
A4 - Onions, Onions
A5 - Lend A Helping Hand
A6 - Charming Betsy
A7 - It Pays To Advertise
A8 - Flip Flop
B1 - Oh How It Hurts
B2 - Somehow, Someway, Someday
B3 - Cool Down Mame
B4 - Flash Crash And Thunder
B5 - Yearning Burning Heart
B6 - My Baby Done Left me
B7 - No One
B8 - Someone To Love

Vinyl rip

3 commentaires:

Crab Devil a dit…

I used to own several of the LPs in this series. My favorites, I would say, were this one from the Farmer Boys plus the one from the Collins Kids. Nowadays, of course, I have access to all of the same material and (much, much) more in digital form. But I do recall these CCL albums with great fondness.

Uncle Gil a dit…

It is said to be Richard Weize's first releases before starting Bear Family Records...

Crab Devil a dit…

I wouldn't have any reason to doubt it. That was an exciting and
intriguing period for those of us trying to explore the seemingly unknown
worlds of rockin' hillbilly and stompin' western swing. Incidentally,
I remember ordering stacks of compilation albums (from Germany) and not
even being expected to pay until after I'd received them. I can't imagine
there being many businesses left that operate like that!