vendredi 17 juin 2022

Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano

Jerry Lee Lewis w/ Kenny Lovelace and the Memphis Beats
New York City
Club Lorelei

01 - Band-Show Intro - You Are My Sunshine
02 - Big Boss Man - Warm Up Talk
03 - Walk Right In Sit Right Down - Jerry Lee Intro - Johnny B Goode
04 - No Headstone On My Grave - Chantilly Lace
05 - You Win Again
06 - Wine Spodee-Odee Drinkin Wine
07 - She Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye - What's Left Of Me
08 - Boogie Woogie Man From Tennessee
09 - At The High School Hop
10 - Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano
11 - Don't Stop Lovin This Old Fool - Good Golly Miss Molly - Long Tall Sally
12 - Who Will The Next Fool Be
13 - Memphis
14 - I'm Coming Back For More
15 - What'd I Say - Meat Man
16 - Great Balls Of Fire
17 - Whole Lotta Shakin'

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17 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Why have you uploaded this file to this location?

The file is already at this location:
from here:

It has been at since 2008, for almost 14 years, and it's not going anywhere. So why not just link to the source?

By not linking directly to the source, it appears that you trying to represent that this material as something you have presented, and that is a misrepresentation.

Anonyme a dit…

Misrepresentation is what Uncle Gil can do best. Blaming others for "stealing" his precious visuals, but "stealing" music on his own from other blogs and sites. Have a blessed day everyone.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Hey! the two anonymous cowards, if it makes you feel good to let off steam without knowing what you're talking about, I'm happy for you. You have to know how to help your neighbor and not upset the poorly.

Anonyme a dit…

You're mad because you had your source material identified, and you didn't want to identify it.

Sorry, but I'm not sorry.

Stay mad, phoney cheater.

Here's that artwork posted somewhere else in October of last year.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ (One of the) Anonymous cowards:

I'm not mad, just amused by your utter stupidity. Your wickedness makes you blind.
Finally, I am surprised to see that other blogs and sites (even commercial ones) take up my miserable visuals as is the case for the example you give me on "ultimatebootleg...". Visual I made ten years ago.
Keep letting off steam... I tell you it amuses me a lot.

Anonyme a dit…

If you were an honest person, you would stop taking material that does not belong to you and stop presenting it as if you discovered it from some obscure source. If you want to blog about someone else's material, just link to it. At a minimum, provide a full disclosure of where you obtain your material, including a lineage if possible. If there is no known lineage, just say so, but at least say where you got it. If you have done something to improve the material that you take, say what you've done, and why? For example, if you have re-mastered it using some audio program, talk about it.

But the fact is that you are not an honest person. When you take material from another source, you don't identify it. You don't even use any skill or knowledge to re-master it, because you have no such skill or knowledge. You have improved nothing. You just use the same template to make some cheap-looking artwork that you slap on it to make it look like it's yours. Or, maybe you are taking that cheap-looking artwork from someone else. Because although you claim it's yours, who would believe you?

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Anonym

:) Thank you very much for your valuable advice.
You're brand new to the web, aren't you? Do you know that there are other blogs similar to mine and much more interesting?
I'm surprised every day that other bloggers or forumers upload here the horrors that I rip from my own vinyls, remove my personal tags and text files, and post the material at their site implying that it was made by themselves. This every day... These people have no taste.
Now, I would like to discover your work and all the information related to it. With good examples, I may be able, despite my great age, to progress somewhat. Please!

Anonyme a dit…

Who is presenting rips that you did as their own? Do you have a link?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Do your research yourself... you seem able to find what you want.

Uncle Gil a dit…

And then you don't answer my questions. Where can I discover your own work?

Sebastián a dit…


Anonyme a dit…

And then you don't answer my questions. Where can I discover your own work? ... Well Uncle Gil, have you answered the question: Who is presenting rips that you did as their own? Do you have a link? ??? Sorry to say this, but you are an odd and weird person UG. You think you are better than the rest of us. Why don`t you do us all a favour and shut down this blog and spare our time and hope waiting for a decent download.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Your quote, "You think you are better than the rest of us" might imply that you run a blog or a forum...
Your otherwise childish obsession is now sterile...
The comments here remain open to everyone, if it can cure you, keep pouring your bile. I no longer participate in your sick game.

Anonyme a dit…

No one took any of the material you claim you ripped from vinyl and presented it as their own.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Many post my vinyl rips with personal tags and text files removed to make it look like they are theirs.
Google doesn't always translate my words well or you're obsessed. And above all you don't know anything about the trendy Rockabilly and Hillbilly web.
Good continuation in your delusions!
End of Game!

Anonyme a dit…

You could prove it by providing a link. Or, you have no proof because it never happened.

Anonyme a dit…

I was interested by this question, so I found some FLAC files of this show here:

I used Lossless Audio Checker 2.0.7 to test the FLAC files.

The result is that the FLAC files are NOT "upsampled" from a lossy source, and NOT "transcoded" (which means a lossy file transcoded to another format).

The test results say the files are "clean."

However, a spectrum analysis of the FLACs shows that there is hardly any data above the 16 kHz level. And, a peak at a lower level than 22kHz indicates something less than a properly-encoded lossless *studio recording.* But, as we know, this is live material broadcast on FM Radio. So, that might be expected.

On the other hand, a spectrum analysis of the MP3 files show almost no data above 11 KHz. (5 kHz lower than the FLAC files).

So, my conclusion is that Uncle Gil is offering audio of less quality than what is possible to offer, but probably only a little lower in this instance. There probably would be an audible difference for many listeners however. The FLAC files from the "Ultimate Bootleg Blog" probably would be better.