lundi 13 juin 2022

Honky Tonk Heroes

Waylon Jennings
The Waylors

Arlington, Texas

Louisiana Women
Ain't No God In Mexico
Goodhearted Woman
Pretend I Never Happened
Freedom To Stay
The Taker
We Had It All
Slow Rollin' Low
Sick And Tired
Honky Tonk Heroes
You Can Have Her
Me And Bobby McGee (With Kris Kristofferson)
Good Night Irene (With Kris Kristofferson, Ray Wylie & Billy Joe Shaver)

Grabbed on the web.

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Jane a dit…

Here's a LINK to a web site that sells this FM broadcast show priced as follows:
The CD will be mailed for $16.99 (plus some postage fee).
You can download the MP3s for $9.89 ($7.10 less than the CD before postage).
You can download the lossless FLAC files for $12.89 ($4.10 less than the CD before postage).
Does the company doing this have any permission from Waylon Jennings who died February 13, 2002 or his Estate? Probably not. But who knows?
What an incredible rip off!
I *almost* approve of this post, Uncle Gil.
Re-presenting these worthless MP3s seems almost justified in this case.
Re-presenting the FLACs seems more justified though.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Jane (?!), a question you may be willing to answer: How long have you been visiting my blog?
Not long, I think. Otherwise you would not be surprised by these scams of which I am one of the victims since hundreds of my own illustrations (Home Made Compilations) have been hijacked by various crooks.
An example with this "Hillbilly Researcher" series: - even sold in amazon :( -

Bob Mac a dit…

Thanks UG.

Anonyme a dit…

The beauty is, you can get all of those shows in LOSSLESS format for FREE at ... No need to download the crap from here. Enjoy. - As for Amazon, I hope that more of UG's discs will appear there.

Jane a dit…
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Jane a dit…

Uncle Gil, I first visited your blog about June 8, 2022.
I think I downloaded a ZIP file that spat out some lousy MP3s which sounded thin, degraded, and weak. I deleted them within a few hours.
It was a minor disappointment, but I explored your blog anyway to try to figure out why you do things the way you do. What I found was incoherence and stubbornness.
I am having a very difficult time being sympathetic in regards to your irritation at having your artwork stolen. I am sure you spent several minutes on it, and I do agree that you deserve at least some credit.
However, I wonder if you could have legally protected it as your work. I tend to doubt it. Ultimately, those covers are just memes you created using images of the artists created by others.
You are a weird bird, Uncle Gil. You "grab from the web" whatever you want, muck it up as you see fit, and then act all indignant and aggrieved when someone does the same to you. You oddly think you deserve a lot of respect that you do not actually deserve.