vendredi 3 juin 2022

Any Old Time


A1 - George Jones - Why Baby Why
A2 - Leon Payne - You Are The One
A3 - Jeanette Hicks - Searching
A4 - George Jones - Any Old Time
A5 - George Jones & Jeanette Hicks - I Take The Chance
A6 - Benny Barnes - Conscience I'm Guilty
A7 - George Jones - Hold Everything
A8 - Eddie Blank - I Want You, I Need You
B1 - Leon Payne - Crazy Arms
B2 - George Jones - You Gotta Be My Baby
B3 - Benny Barnes - I Walk The Line
B4 - George Jones - Sweet Dreams
B5 - Leon Payne - Blackboard Of My Heart
B6 - Red Hayes - A Satisfied Mind
B7 - George Jones - Yes, I Know Why
B8 - 'Thumper' Jones - Heartbreak Hotel

Vinyl rip

2 commentaires:

FiveGunsWest a dit…

I cannot believe I've finally got Leon Payne's 'Blackboard Of My Heart'! My father was a huge fan, probably still is ... where ever he wound up. Great collection here and thank you very much.

Stop in for biscuits and gravy and some home brew anytime.

The Hound a dit…

Thank you for this great LP just love the Front Cover. Rocking Eddie