jeudi 26 mai 2022

You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too


Art Rodgers - A Million Tears
Art Rodgers - Cause I Was Born To Lose
Art Rodgers - Wedding Of Our Dreams
Art Rodgers - Why Should You, Why Should I
Art Rodgers w Patsy Clay - A Million Tears
Billie Jean & Red Lydick - Looking For A City
Billie Jean & Red Lydick - Way Down Deep In My Soul
Chuck Secrest - Love'n Blues
Chuck Secrest - Love, Laughter And Tears
Don Davis - Can There Be A Time
Easy Adams & Texas Tophands - Merry Christmas To You
Jimmie Revard - Hold The Sack
Jimmie Revard - Waltz Of The Sea
Leon Merritt - Patsy Clay - I Want Your Heart For Christmas
Texas Tophands - I've Got The Blues Over You
Texas Tophands - Waltz Of Delight
Texas Tophands - Whiskey River
Texas Tophands - Wishin' I Was Kissin' You
Texas Tophands - You're Killing Me
Texas Tophands - You're Rocking The Boat
The Phantom & Mystery Riders - Don't Be Blue My Darlin'
The Phantom & Mystery Riders - I'm Sending My Time Countin' Roses
The Robson Quartet - Bend Way Down Low
The Robson Quartet - Come On Dear Lord And Get Me

Compiled from the defunct Hillbilly Researcher blog
Home made cover

5 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Same tracks as Number 28....or a typo ?


Uncle Gil a dit…

Typo! Thanks!

Crab Devil a dit…

Thank you!

Anonyme a dit…

Merci !

flatspin a dit…

Thanks! Some gems of hillbilly gospel here - Billie Jean and Red Lydick plus The Robson Quartet.