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lundi 26 juillet 2021

Endless Black Ribbon


A1 - Ernie Hoppe - Truck Driver's Blues
A2 - Tiny Harris - Endless Black Ribbon
A3 - Claude Merritt - The Only Shoulder A Truckdriver Can Cry On
A4 - Jim Fagan - Eighteen Wheels A Humming, Home Sweet Home
A5 - Earl Scott - New York City, New York
A6 - Tiny Harris - Double Clutchin' Truck Line
B1 - Benny Martin - Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
B2 - Steve Cameron - Truck Stop Cafe
B3 - Pam Gilbert - I'm Movin' On
B4 - The Calhoun Twins - Midnight Cowboy
B5 - Jimmy Griggs - Overloaded Diesel
B6 - Bobby Hodge - Bus Drivin' Son Of A One

Vinyl rip

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Thanks muchly!

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muchas gracias

Tony Angel a dit…

great half hour lp of music...............great post

Moe a dit…

Great comp!