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mardi 8 janvier 2019

Take Me Back To Memphis

A0 - Interview
A1 - Born To Boogie
A2 - High On Love
A3 - Take Me Back To Memphis
A4 - Sing My Song
A5 - Someday
A6 - Low Class
A7 - You'll Always Be A Lady To Me
B1 - Take Me Back
B2 - Matchbox (Live Version)
B3 - Jambalaya
B4 - Back To Tennessee
B5 - Lake County Cotton Country
B6 - Say When
B7 - The Trip

2 commentaires:

tanktop a dit…

Uncle Gil, you have done it again!!
You are very kind to us, and I'm especially ecstatic to find yet another Carl Perkins album to play and treasure!

Merci beaucoups toujours, mon ami:)


phil everette a dit…

super, merci bien