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Red Hot Papa

HANK PENNY - COMPLETE U.S. SINGLES A's & B's - 1939-1970 VOL. 1

01. Sweet Talkin' Mama [Vocalion 04543, 01-1939]
02. Flamin' Mamie [Vocalion 04543, 01-1939]
03. Back Up A Little Bit [Vocalion 04640, 02-1939]
04. I've Got The Right Key Baby [Vocalion 04640, 02-1939]
05. She's Just That Kind [Vocalion 04741, 04-1939]
06. Cheatin' On You Baby [Vocalion 04741, 04-1939]
07. Blue Melody [Vocalion 04826, 06-1939]
08. Mama's Gettin' Young [Vocalion 04826, 06-1939]
09. They're All Just The Same To Me [Vocalion 04922, 07-1939]
10. Hesitation Blues [Vocalion 04922, 07-1939]
11. Chill Tonic [Vocalion 05026, 08-1939]
12. Mississippi Muddle [Vocalion 05026, 08-1939]
13. It Ain't Gonna Rain No Mo' [Vocalion 05067, 09-1939]
14. Yankee Doodle [Vocalion 05067, 09-1939]
15. The Last Goodbye [Vocalion 05148, 10-1939]
16. Tonight You Belong To Me [Vocalion 05148, 10-1939]
17. All Night And All Day Long [Vocalion 05215, 11-1939]
18. You're So Different [Vocalion 05215, 11-1939]
19. Take It Slow And Easy [Vocalion 05270, 12-1939]
20. Black Eyed Susie [Vocalion 05270, 12-1939]
21. Red Hot Papa [Vocalion 05321, 01-1940]
22. I Told Them All About You [Vocalion 05321, 01-1940]
23. Hot Time Mama [Vocalion 05380, 02-1940]
24. I Like Molasses [Vocalion 05380, 02-1940]
25. Won't You Ride In My Little Red Wagon [Vocalion 05438, 03-1940]
26. Say Mister! Have You Met Rosie's Sister [Vocalion 05438, 03-1940]
27. Just A Message [Okeh 05654, 06-1940]
28. Oh Yes Take Another Guess [Okeh 05654, 06-1940]
29. Peach Tree Shuffle [Okeh 05724, 08-1940]
30. Steel Guitar Hula [Okeh 05724, 08-1940]

This compilation by Wurlitzer1900, June 2024

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Rick a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil, and all my Cousins here! I'm back, all your well wishes no doubt is making my recovery better! Here's a Gem for ya'll. Ral Donner-Top 40 The Greatest Hits Of Ral Donner, I honestly do not remember where or when I got it. But here it is, again Thanks for Your Prayers and Well Wishes! Enough Jabberin' The Links: https://workupload.com/file/ea4BAM2NPvQ or https://pixeldrain.com/u/EfPZNBxh Rick

edoardo a dit…

many thanks UNCLEGIL for Hank, you can help me with this EP of BIG SANDY AND HIS FLY RITE BOYS called "Down At Jake's Barbershop E.P" ? i hope of yes is the only that i miss , i'm glad if you or some friends can help me you are great collector i thibk that you have many thanks !


Rockin' Daddy a dit…

Thanks so much

Rick a dit…

Here's a rare one I think, the wife and I were on our way to Memphis, stopped for gas, they had a cd rack, I bought this one which only had a paper sleeve, for a buck. Good stuff from Faron, but few songs obviously not by Faron, but a darn good cd. Here It is... Faron Young-American Portraits 2020 https://workupload.com/file/ctEfeFtwLb5 Enjoy! Rick

Rockin' Daddy a dit…

Living Country Blues USA – Vol. 01-Vol. 12 [2008]
Bellaphon (Germany) [14CD & Artwork]


Best wishes

Rick a dit…

Here's a good one for sure Robyn Young (Son of Faron Young) please don't blow this one off, You can hear Faron thru his Son, clearly, he sings his Dad's hits, with Bonus Tracks. Faron fans who have not heard Robyn will send shivers down your spine. Nashville (aka Trashville) establishment, didn't support this CD. It's a rarity!--Rick

Robyn Young-Like Father Like Son A Remembrance(2012)


Bedtime for The Old Man Now.....God Bless, Rick

Uncle Gil a dit…

Thank you all for these albums that you can't find on every street corner...

@edoardo: I saw your request on another forum, unfortunately I couldn't find this EP... Wait, Hope & See!

Armin a dit…

ENJOY --->

Hank Penny & His California Cowhands - The Penny Opus #1 [2000 JASCD 3520] [FLAC]


Aussie a dit…

a big thank you from me UNCLE

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Rick

Welcome back and relieved that everything went well for you!

edoardo a dit…

yes i write and i hope that someone can help me , is very rare EP in italy i hope that i have luck with this album

Jacdaw a dit…

Once again there is some great music being posted and I am overwhelmed with the amount and content of most of it. Thank you all who provide this music for dummies like me. Keep well.

LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

7748 United - 20 Greatest Blues Hits


RnRoller a dit…

TERRY WAYNE - The Terrific - Rollercoaster Records RCCD 3030

WAYNE COCHRAN - Get Down With It! - Raven Records RVCD 183


LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

7749 United - Z.Z. Hill - A Whole Lot Of Soul [Kent 528]


LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

7750 United - B B King - Boss of The Blues

7751 United - 20 Super Rhythm & Blues Hits Vol.2

7752 United - Lowell Fulsom - Now - 1969


LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

Good morning. For those who were already here and for those who recently arrived:

I'm looking for this Joe Houston LP.

I still haven't found the LP converted to mp3. I found some songs, but I don't know if they are the album versions. Some songs listed on the United LP were not found.



United 7774 Joe Houston – All night long

A1 All Night Long
A2 Celebrity Club Stomp
A3 Right Now
A4 Rockin' With Joe
A5 Way Out
A6 Crazy Sax
B1 Blow Joe Blow
B2 Rock And Roll
B3 Time Out
B4 Earth Quake
B5 Joe's Gone
B6 Dizzy Lizzy

LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

7753 United - Johnny Otis Show - Cold Shot (with Sugarcane Harris)

7754 United - Underground Blues (kent)

7755 United - Ike & Tina Turner - Festival Of Live Performances



Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Juarez

Thanks for your uploads, but what is different from those you have already posted here weeks ago ?

DaPreacher a dit…

Thanks for the Hank Penny!

But where can I buy it???

Are those HRT's Vinyl editions or CD's

any adress would great

Best Johnny

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ DaPreacher

These are "Home Made Compilations" not commercialized...
Just the "work" of passionned people. Music research and graphism.
If you find some to sale, be sure that's scammers.

Juarez a dit…

Did I load duplicate disks?????

I'm sorry. I'll check that out.

Thanks for your uploads, but what is different from those you have already posted here weeks ago ?

Juarez a dit…


7769 United - John Lee Hooker - The Blues - 192 1960


LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

United 7767 - Roy Milton - The Great Roy Milton (1971)

United 7768 - Lowell Fulsom - Let's Go Let Stoned


LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

United 7770 - Z.Z. Hill - Dues Paid in Full (Kent 018 - )