mardi 25 juin 2024

A Ticket To Heaven


01 - Where Will I Go When The Barroom Is Closed
02 - Look Through Her Eyes
03 - Four Fingers And A Bum
04 - Not My Kind
05 - After The Fight
06 - I Used It All On You
07 - You've Seen Her More Lately Than I Have
08 - She'll Turn To A Man
09 - A Ticket To Heaven
10 - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
11 - Try Jesus
12 - I'm A Chosen One
13 - Jesus Is The Rudder
14 - Bid Jesus Good Morning
15 - Why Don't You Tell Somebody
16 - Guilty Of Love In The First Degree
17 - Open Up Your Heart
18 - Let Jesus In
19 - Like A Thief In The Night
20 - There's A Battle Going On
21 - He's Left It Up To You

Compiled by The Hillbilly Rescue Team

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Armin a dit…

ENJOY --->

Rusty Draper - The Collection 1939-1962 [2020 Acrobat] [FLAC]

Billy Lee Riley - Classic Recordings 1956-1960 (2 CD-Set) [BCD 15444] [FLAC]

Sonny Burgess - Classic Recordings 1956-1959 (2 CD-Set) [BCD 15525] [FLAC]

Rick a dit…

Earlier posts I mentioned the old fellow that had those "paper sleeve specials", this is one of many I purchased. I remember I put the CD in on the way home. I told my Wife, "These are NOT the originals". So heading North on I-55 I listened, can't beat Teddy and Doyle's Harmony.. I was asking myself, "Are these remastered, or what"? Doyle died in 1982, Teddy died in 2003, these recordings sound fairly new...So I just ran across that disc, ripped it, posted it below. It's so darn clear. So here ya go....


The Wilburn Brothers - I Know a Goodbye When I See One (2:36)
The Wilburn Brothers - I'm Gonna Tie One on Tonight (2:42)
The Wilburn Brothers - I've Never Outgrown My Love for You (2:59)
The Wilburn Brothers - If I Can't Have All of You (Just Give Me What You Think is Fair) (2:56)
The Wilburn Brothers - Knoxville Girl (3:14)
The Wilburn Brothers - Making Plans (2:38)
The Wilburn Brothers - Roll Muddy River (2:09)
The Wilburn Brothers - Troubles Back in Town (2:17)
The Wilburn Brothers - What I Had with You (3:51)
The Wilburn Brothers - Hands (3:10)

The Wilburn Brothers-Stars Of The Grand Ole Opry (2021)

LUIZJP-brazil a dit…

7780 United - California Blues (Vol 3)

7781 United - Blues From the Deep South (Vol 4)

7782 United - Texas Blues

Have a good day



Aussie a dit…


Ted P a dit…

This daily selection of mainly classic traditional country music is an excellent new feature on Uncle Gil's.
Many thanks to everyone who is uploading albums in the comments; and also a big thank you to Uncle Gil

Rick a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil !!!