jeudi 2 mai 2024

Fool The World


01 - Sha Marie
02 - Hearts Entwined
03 - Walking Out
04 - Stronger Than My Pride
05 - My Party
06 - Your Steppin' Stone
07 - Down Came The World
08 - Take-a-Tip From Old Dad
09 - Fool The World
10 - Your Steppin' Stone
11 - You've Got To Pay The Fiddler
12 - Heartaches Live In Salt Water
13 - What Kinda Pill Is This
14 - A Shade Of Difference
15 - My Sweet Woman's Love
16 - Your Stand In
17 - Down The Drain
18 - The Man At The Door
19 - Coast To Coast
20 - Make A Good Thing Better
21 - Jumpin' Off Place
22 - Bottom Of A Glass
23 - A Girl Named Jennie
24 - Gone Fish
25 - End Of The Hunt

The Hillbilly Rescue Team

6 commentaires:

Bob Mac a dit…

Thanks UG...never heard of him, but I'll take a listen.

Aussie a dit…

thank you Uncle

mr. country music a dit…

do you have any connie hall. peggy sue webb. jay lee webb goldie hill. bobby barnett albums if so can you upload them

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ mr. couyntry music
Yes, I have albums of these artists. Many were posted years before.
I make a note on my diary. Be patient.

mr. country music a dit…

thank you. so im looking for albums by Jimmy Patton. Tony Douglas. Wayne Kemp. bill phillips. if you go any of them can upload them too

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ mr. country music:
I will update some albums from time to time. There are still hundreds of them.
And on your side? When are you opening your brand new blog? I will put a link on my "Blogroll'n'Rock" if you wish.