mardi 21 mai 2024

Flat Top


01 - Ain't A Bump In The Road
02 - Daisy Me
03 - Let Your Pendulum Swing
04 - Shuffleboard Shuffle
05 - Cocaine Blues
06 - Snake Dance Boogie
07 - She's A Mean, Mean Woman
08 - Free Samples
09 - Let's Go Dancin'
10 - Red Wing
11 - Red Silk Stockings And Green perfume
12 - Stretchin' A Point Or Two
13 - Roll 'em Dice
14 - Baby Won't You Settle Down
15 - Too Many Chiefs And Not Enough Indians
16 - I'm Gonna Get Along Without You
17 - Do You Call That A Sweetheart
18 - I Wish I Wuz
19 - Fishtail Boogie
20 - Who Wrote That Letter to John
21 - So Cold, So Dead, So Soon
22 - Hot Rod
23 - It's More Fun that Way
24 - Orange Blossom Special
25 - I'm Hurtin' Again
26 - Put Some Sugar In Your Shoes
27 - Where Has My Little Love Gone
28 - Flat Top
29 - Tonight I'm All Alone
30 - Who P-P-P-T-T Tobacky?
31 - Poco Tempo
32 - Yes He did
33 - Gonna Build A Fence Around You

By request

12 commentaires:

Willie1990 a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil....

Anonyme a dit…

Uncle Jil's Merci pour L'album. Teddy Yep!

Willie1990 a dit…

Hey Uncle Gil. Do You Have -

Hawkshaw Hawkins - Car Hoppin' Mama - Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight

Thank You For Everything You Do...

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Willie1990

Yes, I have this Hawkshaw Hawkins album, but don't be too greedy. Take the time to listen to what Armin offered you.

Anonyme a dit…

Armin a Tu le SUN records Rock'n'roll . 1954 - 1959 Box Bear family Teddy Yep!

Armin a dit…

Oui, je l'ai, (6x 4 cds), mais je terminerai dans les prochains jours „At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight“ [BCD 17370] (20 CD-Box)

Anonyme a dit…

SUPER Merci Armin Pour Les SUN Box. Termine Le Louisiana Hayride. Teddy Yep!

Chocoreve a dit…

Many thanks Uncle Gil for ROY HOGSED - COCAINE BLUES !

Anonyme a dit…

Listening to all these songs, sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time. But then I remember Woody Allen's film: Midnight in Paris. Nobody is satisfied with the time in which they live. Thank you, Uncle Gil.

Aussie a dit…

thank youuuuuuu

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Willie1990:
Here's the Hawkshaw Hawkins on BCD
(Valid 7 days)

BTW I posted it also on TZ...

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you. (Juarez)

Here's the Hawkshaw Hawkins on BCD...