vendredi 24 mai 2024

Crazy, Man, Crazy


A1 - Rock The Joint
A2 - Rockin' Chair On The Moon
A3 - Farewell, So Long, Goodbye
A4 - Real Rock Drive
A5 - Fractured
A6 - Stop Beatin' Round The Mulberry Bush
B1 - Crazy, Man, Crazy
B2 - Pat-a-cake
B3 - Live It Up
B4 - What'cha Gonna Do
B5 - I'll Be True
B6 - Dance With A Dolly

Vinyl rip

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Muito bom. Verei / escutarei quando chegar em casa.
Très bien. Je verrai / écouterai en rentrant à la maison.



Anonyme a dit…

Maybe one of you can help me: One of the first BEAR FAMILY catalogs featured a review on the first box set of Bill Haley and His Comet LPs released by BEAR FAMILY (BFX 15068 (5 LP DE LUXE BOX). If anyone has the review, I would ask you to scan this article. Thanks. (jUAREZ)

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Juarez

I probably still have the catalog, but it would take me hours to locate it among all my boxes. On the other hand, I can offer you to download the complete box set which I will put online immediately. There is a scan of the poster-purchase order which was attached to the catalog sent by postal service. My boxset has the number 02230.