mercredi 22 mai 2024

Crazy Bullfrog


01 - Point Of No Return
02 - Thanks A Lot
03 - I'd Rather Say Goodbye Than To Cry
04 - The Worst Is Yet To Come
05 - I'll Never Take Another Drink Again
06 - Big Wheel From Boston
07 - Both Of Us
08 - Son Of The Rich
09 - We're Going Down Together
10 - If You've Been Better Than I've Been
11 - I'll Never Forget You
12 - This Little Girl Has A Magic Touch
13 - The Hand That Held The Hand
14 - Crazy Bullfrog
15 - Softly And Tenderly I'll Hold You In My Arms
16 - Riches And Gold
17 - Timbrook
18 - You'll Make A Fool Of Me
19 - Pretty Baby

The Hillbilly Rescue Team

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Armin a dit…

Enjoy --->

Johnny Jano - King Of Louisiana Rock-A-Billy [1993 BigTone] (320 KB).rar

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks God Franchy Louisiana Rockabilly

Armin a dit…

Enjoy the cajun music --->>>

Louisiana Cajun Music Special [1988] [FLAC].rar

Anonyme a dit…

Many Thanks Armin

Armin a dit…

ENJOY --->

Louisiana Rockers - Goldband Records [1994 ACE] [FLAC].rar

Anonyme a dit…

Merci Armin Pour le Ace et Big Tone Teddy Yep!

Anonyme a dit…

Merci Uncle Gil's Pour L'album HRT Teddy Yep!

Aussie a dit…

thank you

Chocoreve a dit…

Thanks a lot Uncle Gil for LEWIS PRUITT - POINT OF NO RETURN - HRT Series !

Anonyme a dit…

Hello. I'm starting to work on a new series of "oldies". I accept collaborations. (LOL)

Various – The Best Of Acappella - Relic 101

A1 Zircons– Lonely Way
A2 Nutmegs– Let Me Tell You
A3 Kooltones– Traveling Stranger
A4 Zircons– Silver Bells
A5 Nutmegs– Down In Mexico
A6 Velvet Angels– Blue Moon
A7 Excellons– Sunday Kind Of Love
A8 Pretenders– Pennies From Heaven
A9 Young Ones– Sweeter Than
A10 Barons– When You Dance
B1 Zircons– Stormy Weather
B2 Delstars– Zoop Bop
B3 Velvet Angels– Fools Rush In
B4 Chessmen– Heavenly Father
B5 Velvet Angels– I'm In Love
B6 Chessmen– All Nite Long
B7 Savoys– Gloria
B8 Chessmen– Two Kinds Of People
B9 Camelots– Chain Of Broken Hearts
B10 Chessmen– For All We Know

Thanks (Juarez)

Daddy Cool a dit…

Thanks to Uncle Gill for Lewis Pruitt

And thanks to Armin for the two Ace releases.

Moe a dit…

Excellent album by Pruitt Thanks!!