jeudi 23 mai 2024

Big Ball 's In Cowtown


01 - I'm Trapped
02 - The Bridge I Can't Burn
03 - Souvenirs Of Sorrow
04 - Be Careful, Go Easy, Walk Slow
05 - Sugartime
06 - Be My Bride
07 - Too Many Tears
08 - Faker
09 - One Faded Rose
10 - No More Sugartime
11 - Welcome To The Wedding
12 - Guess I'll Never Learn
13 - Now That It's Over
14 - No One To Love
15 - 'Till Sunday
16 - Cancel The Call
17 - You're Moving Away
18 - Later Tonight
19 - This Is The House
20 - Please Help Me Believe
21 - The Streets Of Loneliness
22 - Big Ball 's In Cowtown
23 - Rainbow In The Valley
24 - Twenty Fools Ago
25 - Blue Blue Bottle
26 - Who Are You
27 - I Walk Alone Tomorrow
28 - Hurry Up Sundown
29 - I’m Giving Her Love
30 - I'll Take What's Left Of You
31 - Listen (Could It Be Her)
32 - Phoney Angel
33 - You're My LSD
34 - R&R Medley
35 - Sugartime (demo)

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Many thanks for the two HRTs and Charlie Phillips

Hitparade a dit…

Charlie Phillips (born July 2, 1937) is an American country music singer and songwriter. Phillips began singing for producer Norman Petty as a teenager, and had musical backing from Buddy Holly on some of his first recordings. Coral records released "One Faded Rose" and "Be My Bride".

The B-side to "One Faded Rose" was "Sugartime", later a hit for the McGuire Sisters. Phillips later signed with Columbia Records.His first Columbia single, "I Guess I'll Never Learn", made number 9 on the Hot Country Songs charts. Phillips later left Columbia over dissatisfaction with his content, and recorded a demonstration recording for "Welcome to My World", later a hit for Jim Reeves. He also cut "The Big Ball Is in Cowtown" for Longhorn Records, and then "Souvenirs of Sorrow" for Reprise Records, but the latter was withdrawn when Reprise exited the country music market.

Phillips then worked as a radio DJ and recorded material for a country album with Norman Petty, but the album was cancelled after Petty's death. Phillips continued to perform in the West Texas area with his band "The Sugartimers" into the 2000s.

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Thanks so much!