vendredi 19 avril 2024

Old Tige


A1 - Giddy Up Go
A2 - The Men In My Little Girl's Life
A3 - Boll Weevil
A4 - Trouble In The Amen Corner
A5 - Old Tige
B1 - 5 Card Stud
B2 - Where Does Love Go
B3 - To A Sleeping Beauty
B4 - Vision At The Peace Table
B5 - The Working Man's Prayer

ARO Vinyl rip

5 commentaires:

Aussie a dit…

thank you

Hitparade a dit…

Uncle Gill,
Wow, what a rare album! I was there on November 14, 1959 when Wink Martindale with "Deck Of Cards" reached #4 on The Cash Box Best Selling Singles chart (#11-Country). I have never seen this rare 1966 Dot album before. Great historic find, many thanks yous.

Is there any chance that you or The Cousins could post other two most rare Wink Martindale albums: 1959 "Deck Of Cards" (Dot DLP 3245) and 1961 "Big Bad John" (Dot DLP 3403)?

By the way, Wink is still with us, born December 4, 1933. Thanks again Uncle Gill, I love your blog so much :-)

Armin a dit…

ENJOY --->

Wink Martindale - Deck Of Cards [1959 Dot Records DLP-25245] (320 KB)

Wink Martindale - I Was That Soldier [2022 Jasmine JASCD 1093] [FLAC]

Armin a dit…

Special Request --->

Wink Martindale - All The Best (Don't Stop The Music) [2021] [FLAC]

Hitparade a dit…

Thank you for the "Deck Of Cards" album; you are very generous.
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself as a collector?
What were the first records that you purchased; Who are your
favorite performers? What does your collection look like?

With reference to the second album "Big Bad John", I found
10 of the 12 songs in your Jasmine album; but then I found all
12 songs, exactly 12 for 12, in your "The Best Of" collection.

So then, thank you for BOTH requested Wink Martindale albums.
You can get the list of songs, and album covers over at Discogs.
You are the best, My Friend.

Hit Parade