jeudi 1 février 2024

Roadside Rag


A1 - Lou Graham - Two Timin' Blues
A2 - Lou Graham - Long Gone Daddy
A3 - Sammy Bland - I Just Heard The News
A4 - Howington Brothers - Our Shotgun Wedding Day
A5 - Curt Hinson - Let's See You Smile
A6 - Bob Dean - I'll Take Her From The Valley
A7 - Mustard & Gravy - Be Bop Boogie
B1 - Smiley Wilson - Juke Box Baby
B2 - Sleepy McDaniel - Roadside Rag
B3 - Lou Graham - I'm Lonesome
B4 - Lou Graham - Sweet Bunch Of Roses
B5 - Lou Graham - Please Make Up Your Fickle Mind
B6 - Lou Graham - My Heart Tells Me
B7 - Mustard & Gravy - That Ain't In Any Catalog

Vinyl ripped by rico

6 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks, Merci, Danke schon, Pour L'album HillBilly 40s Uncle Gil's. Teddy

djmcblues2 a dit…

So happy to see you back!

Chocoreve a dit…

Never heard of these artists... But gotta try them ! Merci pour les découvertes, Uncle Gil !

kervelec a dit…

Merci unclegil pour tous ces supers LPs

dc_animal a dit…


Aussie a dit…

thank youuuuuuuuuu