samedi 10 février 2024

Flat Foot Floogie


A1 - Settin' The Woods On Fire # 2
A2 - Love And Marriage
A3 - The Music Goes Round And Round
A4 - Your Feet's Too Big
A5 - Sifting, Whimpering Sands
B1 - Flat Foot Floogie
B2 - At The Flop
B3 - Hut-Sut Song
B4 - When It's Tooth Pickin' Time In False Teeth Valley
B5 - Mairzy Doats

Vinyl rip. AR.o

4 commentaires:

Crab Devil a dit…

Thank you!

Helmut Knochen a dit…

What a great choice.

Anonyme a dit…

H&J are so underappreciated. Not just their dry wit - which isn't much in fashion any more - but their excellent musicianship. If the humor was removed, Jethro's mandolin playing would be a treat by itself.

Anonyme a dit…

From OldMan : Great LP of Homer and Jethro Thank's