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Slippin' n' Slidin'


Recorded in 1955 when an 18 year-old Waylon Jennings was a radio DJ at KZZN in his hometown of Littlefield, TX. This recording
consists of several performances or “Guitar Pulls” recorded live on the air.

Side A and B are one continuous track respectively and do not have song titles or artists performing the songs listed on the release.
In between the recorded performances is dialog between Waylon Jennings and the other performers.

A1a. Slippin' n' Slidin' performed by Waylon Jennings
A1b. So Doggone Lonesome performed by Sam Hill
A1c. Tutti Frutti performed by Leroy Duncan
A1d. Roving Gambler performed by Waylon Jennings
A1e. Steel Guitar Rag performed by Bill Clark
A1f. I Wanna Be Loved performed by Sam Hill

B1a. I'm Countin' On You performed by Leroy Duncan
B1b. Girl In Blue Velvet Van performed by Waylon Jennings
B1c. Carribean performed by Waylon Jennings
B1d. If You Were Mine performed by Sam Hill
B1e. Heartbreak Hotel performed by Leroy Duncan

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Anonyme a dit…

Heartbreak Hotel was recorded in '56


Crab Devil a dit…

Thank you very much!

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Richard:
Take a look at Wikipedia (among others sites...):

It is possible that a demo (Wilburn Bros. ...) circulated at the end of 55 and that it interested Leroy Duncan...Why not?

DonnaTV a dit…

Thank you

Bob Mac a dit…

Thanks for this one UG.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Uncle Gil,

Many thanks for the info on Heartbreak Hotel......stuff I was unaware of.

I certainly didn't want to appear like a know-all arrogant person.

What a great CD? this is, and the sound quality is great.

The only other track I'm curious about is 'I'm counting on you' and according to Don Robertson penned track was recorded by Presley in '56

The first 3 tracks on side A were certainly recorded by others in 1955.....I'm not sure of the remaining tracks.

Thanks again Uncle Gil for these ultra rare recordings


Anonyme a dit…

And Slippin' And Slidin' is from 1956 too.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Anonym Anonym:
Ask Brother Wiki and...
""Slippin' and Slidin'" was the title of a song written by Maxwell Davis and performed by Calvin Boze and His All Stars, and released in May 1951 by Aladdin Records (3086). The song was described as "an engaging set of novelty lyrics, while combo puts down a swingy, medium shuffle".[5] Over a year earlier, this song had been recorded by Gene Phillips - Jack McVea, and released on Modern (20-733). It was a fast blues with Phillips delivering in a Louis Jordan-like style. A version by J. Lewis and Trio was released on Atlantic (927) in early 1951."

Timmy a dit…

A real piece of history. Many THANX!

Rocker50 a dit…

Thanks for this.