jeudi 24 novembre 2022

Rattlesnakin' Daddy


939A - I've Done And Sold My Soul - Wayne Raney
939AA - I Love My Little Yo Yo - Wayne Raney
940A - I'll Never Love No One But You -  Redd Stewart
940AA - I'm On My Last Go-Round -  Redd Stewart
941A - Guess Who Took Your Place - Hank Penny
941AA - Riding On The Old Ferris Wheel - Hank Penny
942A - No Bitter Tears - Jimmie Osborne
942AA - My Saddest Mistake - Jimmie Osborne
943A - Some Day You'll Remember - Clyde Moody
943AA - The Blues Came Pouring Down - Clyde Moody
944A - I Hate Myself - Hawkshaw Hawkins
944AA - Rattlesnakin' Daddy - Hawkshaw Hawkins
945A - Leftover Hash - Bob Newman
945AA - Lonesome Truck Driver's Blues - Bob Newman
946A - Lonesome Day - Delmore Brothers
946AA - Everybody Loves Her - Delmore Brothers
947A - The Lamp Of Life (Is Burning Low) - Moon Mullican
947AA - Without A Port Of Love - Moon Mullican
948A - Nobody Love Me Anymore -  Grandpa Jones
948AA - I'm Hog-Wild Crazy Over You -  Grandpa Jones
949A - I Miss You So - Shorty Long and Dotty Dimple
949AA - Hillbilly Wedding - Shorty Long and Dotty Dimple
950A - No More Nothin' (But Gettin' You Off My Mind) - Zeb Turner
950AA - Chew Tobacco Rag - Zeb Turner
951A - You'll Never See Me Cry - Cowboy Copas
951AA - The Strange Little Girl - Cowboy Copas

Compiled by The King Project from The Hillbilly Yahoo group

2 commentaires:

bigCman a dit…

These are all top-notch! How many Volumes are there?

Uncle Gil a dit…

There are 40 volumes... we come to the end.