samedi 1 octobre 2022

The Wild Ones


01 - My Heart's Caught In The Door
02 - After Having You
03 - The Texarkana
04 - Don't Drive Me
05 - Except For One
06 - In The Ghetto
07 - Invitation To The Blues
08 - Get It Over
09 - One Glimpse Of Heaven
10 - You Gave Me A Mountain
11 - Games People Play
12 - The Wild Ones
13 - We Got Each Other
14 - Holding To The Memories
15 - Days Of Sand And Shovels
16 - The Love For A Child
17 - Tulsa
18 - Little Boy Wonder
19 - I Wanted Love From You Mary
20 - Mama's Song
21 - St Vincent Motor Hotel
22 - Just Because He Loved Her
23 - Someone With A Perfect Melody
24 - Hit In The Head With A Nite Club
25 - Won't You Be My Baby
26 - Mrs Willingham
27 - The Greenest Grass In Town
28 - One Step
29 - Holding On

Compiled by The Hillbilly Rescue Team

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for this 320 mbps version. Finally an improvement to this blog. Just out of curiosity, what does "A*H*S* - KTNDY" stand for? Pete

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Pete
To respond to your likeable comment, the birates are generally those originally posted by the authors. As far as I'm concerned, I listen to music, I don't listen to kbps.
For the "signs": A*Home*Silent* and "Kin Thad Nicht Da Yek".

Donnatv a dit…

Thank you

mike a dit…

The Harden Trio were really interesting, but there's so little info available about them. I know Robbie had a career as a background singer and a stint with the latter-day Carter Family. Arlene had a few solo mid-charting records, and Bobby went on to be a successful songwriter and died young. But i still don't feel like I know their "story." Thanks for posting this to at least fill in some of the musical holes.