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Rocking After Midnight


01 - Golden Echoes - My Life Is In His Hands (Take 2)
02 - Golden Echoes - Yield Not To Temptation (Take 1)
03 - Golden Echoes - Glory Glory
04 - Golden Echoes - There Is No Friend Like Jesus
05 - Lowell Fulson - Rocking After Midnight
06 - Lowell Fulson & Lloyd Glenn & The Fulson Unit - Everyday I Have the Blues
07 - Lowell Fulson - Cold Hearted Woman
08 - Lowell Fulson - Mama Bring Your Clothes Back Home
09 - Lloyd Glenn - Brazos Bottom
10 - Lloyd Glenn - Levee Blues
11 - Lowell Fulson - Lazy Woman Blues (I Worked So Hard)
12 - Lowell Fulson - Western Union Man
13 - Lowell Fulson - River Blues, Pt. 1 (Texas Blues, Pt. 1)
14 - Lowell Fulson - River Blues, Pt. 2 (Texas Blues, Pt. 2)
15 - Lowell Fulson - Ain't Nobody's Business
16 - Lowell Fulson - Jimmy's Blues (I've Got a Mind to Ramble)
17 - Jay McShann & His Orchestra - Soft Winds
18 - Cecil Gant - All Because of You
19 - Cecil Gant - Deal Yourself Another Hand
20 - Ray Charles & The Maxim Trio - Alone In This City
21 - Ray Charles & The Maxim Trio - Can Anyone Ask For More
22 - Ray Charles & The Maxim Trio - Here I Am
23 - Ray Charles & The Maxim Trio - Rockin' Chair Blues
24 - Ray Charles & The Maxim Trio - If I Give You My Love
25 - Ray Charles Trio - I've Had My Fun
26 - Ray Charles Trio - Sittin' On Top Of The World
27 - Ray Charles & The Maxim Trio - Ain't That Fine
28 - Ray Charles & The Maxim Trio - Don't Put All Your Dreams In One Basket
29 - Ray Charles Trio - See See Rider
30 - Ray Charles Trio - What Have I Done

Compiled by WiMa
Re-post by request

13 commentaires:

Bob Mac a dit…

Thanks for these UG.

Aussie a dit…

tks Uncle

deadwoodie a dit…

I have enjoyed your Swingtime listings.My Question is which listing is the most complete yours or Bob's?
Is there a Downbeat/Swingitme discography?

andyrama a dit…

Thank you WiMa and Gil for this wonderful compilation of 78 rpm gems. Swing Time is some rare stuff!!

soulpapa a dit…

Great things!!! So many thanks for all you do!

Vin a dit…

Uncle Gil,
Thanks so much... Completely essential series. Looking forward to this series moving on into the 50's. AS you've probably already know, Vol. 1 #18-23 have the Big Town & Down Beat versions reversed. And Vol. 2 #30 is a later 60s version. But that's so minor compared to the magnitude of this effort. Thanks & please keep it going.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ deadwoodie:

I haven't taken the time to compare Bob's and WiMa's listings yet. I believe Bob has tracks not included in the WiMa compilations. I still have 8 WiMa Swing Time volumes pending...
And Bob shares his Down Beat... The days won't be long enough to put everything in place :)
I do not have a complete discography of the two labels. The information seems thin on the net, even on 45worlds...

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Vin:

Thanks for the infos.
I think we'll have to wait for all the contributions concerning the Swing Time, Down Beat... labels to be available to consider the most accurate compilations possible.
Perhaps I should, despite the few errors, put online the remaining eight volumes (1950-1954) of WiMa. An idea ?

Vin a dit…

Thanks for the opportunity to ask. I'd say, put them all out. You'd be doing a major service to all the collectors out here, anxiously waiting Besides most of the discrepancies would be in the earliest volumes, primarily just with Fulson since he recorded the same songs multiple times for several labels and it does get confusing.
Thanks, Your efforts are invaluable.

LT a dit…

Thanks for your attention to this important era and these recordings. Sadly, however, the link is dead.

Ballas a dit…

TYVM for this excellent collection.

Aussie a dit…


djmcblues2 a dit…

Is there any chance you can re-up the other swing time collections. Thanks for this great site!