samedi 2 juillet 2022

Story of the Knoxville Girl

The Blue Sky Boys
UCLA Folk Festival
Westwood, CA
5-14 thru 5-16-1965

Bill Bolick - Mandolin
Earl Bolick - Guitar

Friday Evening, May 14th
1. Introduction
2. Are you from Dixie (short intro)
3. Story of the Knoxville Girl
4. Worried Man Blues
5. The Last Letter
6. -Uncle Josh Comedy-
7. Sunny Side of Life
8. Are you From Dixie (short closing)

Saturday Evening, May 15th
9. Are you from Dixie
10. Who's Gonna Shoe Your Pretty Little Feet

11. In the Hills of Roane County
12. Nine Pound Hammer
13. The Butcher's Boy
14. Are you from Dixie (short closing)

Sunday Afternoon, May 16th (unknown fiddle)
15. Whispering Hope
16. Dust on the Bible
17. I'm S-a-v-e-d
18. Only One Step More
19. Where The Soul of Man Never Dies

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