samedi 28 mai 2022

Mad Man

VA - ROCK, BABY, ROCK IT! - 10' LP 501 Charly Ding Dong's Series

A1 - Johnny Carroll - You Made Me Too Much
A2 - Dick Penner - Fine Little Baby
A3 - Edwin Bruce - Baby That's Good
A4 - Dick Penner - Move Baby Move
A5 - Johnny Carroll - That's The Way I Love
B1 - Johnny Carroll - Rock, Baby, Rock It
B2 - Warren Smith - I've Got Love If You Want It
B3 - Jimmy Wages - Miss Pearl
B4 - Warren Smith - Miss Froggie
B5 - Jimmy Wages - Mad Man

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Anonyme a dit…

Hi friend,

is it possible to get the Rod Hart albums?

Thanks in advance!


Bob Mac a dit…

Thanks for this.

Aussie a dit…

thank youuuuuu