mardi 2 avril 2024

Tennessee Toddy


A1 - Footprints In The Snow
A2 - It's Driving Me Crazy
A3 - Baby, I Need You (Like I Need You)
A4 - Mean Mama Blues
A5 - That's All Right
A6 - Maybellene
A7 - Pretty Mama
A8 - I Can't Quit (I've Gone Too Far)
B1 - Long Tall Sally
B2 - Singing The Blues
B3 - Knee Deep In The Blues
B4 - Respectfully Miss Brooks
B5 - Mister Teardrop
B6 - Tennessee Toddy
B7 - Pain And Misery (Mean Mama Blues)
B8 - You Don't Owe Me A Thing
B9 - Long Gone Lonesome Blues

Vinyl rip
By request

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

Are you not getting bored of checking on our blogs every day? Your special Kenyan friend ... lol ... Get lost, moron.

Uncle Gil a dit…

Of course not. I never tire of admiring your beautiful illustration work and the gigantic efforts you make in digitizing the many vinyls in your own collection to donate to the needy of the planet.. I didn't know you were such a Bluegrass fan.
For the visit of the blogs, I refer you to your practices. Aren't you going to do your "market" every day?
By the way, someone residing in Africa, near Kenya, volunteered to inquires the authorities to determine to which associations you have paid the "donations" collected by your blogs and what are the amounts.
As soon as all this is known I will apologize for having doubted your honesty.
Expect visits.

Aussie a dit…

thank you