samedi 5 mars 2022

A break?

It looks like scammer Dirk S. just deleted the blog where he posted the Hillbilly Rescue Team, Hillbilly Researcher-Digged From The Blog and other series...using the visuals I created for those no commercial compilations.
He continues however with the Warped-Chronogical Classics series.
I therefore withdraw my accusations in the hope that this is final.
But I remain attentive to his actions and report here each of his attempts to use my work.

6 commentaires:

lucky a dit…

oui effectivement, il vaut mieux garder un oeil sur lui, un escroc restera un escroc....

Anonyme a dit…

Awww, your precious visuals. Your music is great but your visuals suck. No Turner price for you UG. Greetings from Austria, Albert

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Albert :
You are right. I know they are very awfull. That's how one know who made them. That's why I don't want people to associate my rotten visuals with scams. I'm even surprised that they are displayed so much on platforms like Amazon, Deezer, iTunes, Spotify even Discogs by crooks ... They have surely no artistic taste as you.
Please don't come back here, maybe I would like to post yet another one or two.

Anonyme a dit…

Very happy to see this.

We will never know why. I find it interesting it happened after you contacted Chec.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Anonym:
Yet, I did not contact Chec or Blogger or anyone.
It's not my style to do this kind of thing, but if I did, I would have acted too to bring down his blog where he posts the Warped series.

Anonyme a dit…

At least Amazon wised up and blocked his sales on that site.