mercredi 19 juin 2024

Hillbilly Hula


01 - The Artillery Song a.k.a The Caissons Go Rolling Along
02 - Moonlight And Memories
03 - Fireball Mail
04 - To Not Be Loved
05 - Kahila March
06 - Mississippi Valley Blues
07 - I Don't Know Why But I Do
08 - Hilo March (No. 1)
09 - Chain Gang
10 - Bamboo Love (Samoa Stomp No. 3)
11 - Locust Hill Rag (No. 4)
12 - The Wreck Of Old No. 9
13 - Farewell My Love
14 - Just Follow The Tears
15 - The Possum Twist
16 - Four Fickle Hearts I Know So Well
17 - Wild Fire
18 - Highway To Your Heart
19 - The Singing River
20 - Teresa My Rose
21 - Cherokee Rose
22 - Who's Been Here Since I' Been Gone
23 - Sweet Marie
24 - El Rancho Grande
25 - Wabash Cannon Ball
26 - Beach Of Waikiki
27 - Tijuana Rose
28 - Hillbilly Hula with Quincy Snodgrass
29 - My Pretty Snow Dear
30 - Geisha Girl
31 - Build A Highway To Your Heart

Compiled by AK for The Hillbilly Rescue Team
Re-post by request

17 commentaires:

Armin a dit…

Thanks & Merci Beaucoup, Jenks is one of my favorites. Greetings from Germany

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks :)

Daddy Cool a dit…

Could you re-up this, please.

Cyrusthevyrus a dit…

Thank you very much

Hillbilly J a dit…

@ Uncle Gil

Would You Have This. We Never Got This In U.S.A It's 3 Volumes.
I Have Been Looking For A Couple Years.


Thanks For Reading. H.J.

Armin a dit…

You cannot have looked for years. It's from 2023 on AMB 72026

Hillbilly J a dit…

@ Armin I Thought 2022.

Armin a dit…

Hillbilly J a dit…

@ Armin Yes There 1-3

Armin a dit…

it is the homepage of former bear family founder richard weize

Hillbilly J a dit…

@ Armin.

Sorry I Don't Live In Germany. The Only Place You Can Get It Is Through
Amazon In Germany. My Amazon Account Won't Let Me Through Germany Amazon.

Sorry. H.j.

Armin a dit…

Then you must wait until tomorrow. at the moment I'm looking TV EU-soccer. cannot post it

Armin a dit…

btw, on spotify it's also available

Hillbilly J a dit…

@ Armin. I Would Appreciate It.. Thanks.

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Hillbilly J and Armin

I would like no album released after 2021 to be offered on the blog. By respect. So, in this specific case no Carl Belew on ...And More Bears. THANKS.

Armin a dit…

Uncle Gil, ok. SORRY, I forgot it

Hillbilly J a dit…

@ Uncle Gil. Sorry I Forgot Too. And @ Armin. I Found It.