dimanche 12 mai 2024



01 - Daydreamin'
02 - The Texas Special
03 - Tiger Lily
04 - Barbed Wire Love
05 - Red Rover
06 - Lovin' On My Mind
07 - Pretty Little Thing
08 - Jerry
09 - Daydreaming Again
10 - If I Find My Dreamgirl
11 - Calling Me Back
12 - I'm All Alone
13 - Whirlwind
14 - Unfinished Castle
15 - When The Blues Comes Walking In
16 - Don't Do That Again (Take 2)
17 - One More Mistake
18 - You'll Have To Give (Just A Little)
19 - If I Find My Dreamgirl (Alt)
20 - Almost Lonely
21 - If I Find My Dreamgirl
22 - Juvenile Baby
23 - Teenage Feeling

The Hillbilly Rescue Team. Compiled by AK.
Re-post by request.

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Daddy Cool a dit…

Could you re-up this please.

Anonyme a dit…

Merci Uncle Jil's Pour L'album. Teddy Yep!

Armin a dit…

ENJOY --->

The 'D' Singles Collection Vol. 1 (4 CD-Box) [BCD 15832] [WAV].rar


Big Bill Lister - Countryfied [1993 CowGirlBoy LP 5104] (320 KB).rar


Anonyme a dit…

Grand Merci Uncle Gil's, Louisiana Hayride les annee 50 Debut Elvis Pelvis.

Armin a dit…

Enjoy, a special post for my neighbours across the border, and the lovers of

Indo-Rock --->

Jack Jersey - In Memoriam [2022 Armin's Remasters] {WAV].rar


Anonyme a dit…

Merci Armin. pour le Box 'D' Single. Jojo de Paris La Chevy.

Anonyme a dit…

dankschone für Das 'D' Singles SUPER ARMIN, Jimmy (D) Velbert. Go Cats Go

SWingB a dit…

Thanks Armin, for D Singles Vol 1 - Cheers!

Aussie a dit…

thank you

Daddy Cool a dit…

Thanks for the HRT re-ups. I'm really enjoying the daily Hillbilly doses.

Anonyme a dit…

Good morning friends. I'm looking for another White Label LP (from Netherlands)

Georgia Music - White Label Records - WLP 8936 (1988)
A1 Jimmy Moore & The Play Toys– Playtoy 2:26
A2 Jimmy Moore & The Play Toys– Easter Rockin' Bunny 2:43
A3 Jimmy Moore & The Play Toys– Dive That Jive-O 2:53
A4 Bluegrass Ervin– Panamanian Gal 1:55
A5 Bluegrass Ervin– Banjo Run 0:46
A6 Barry Etris– I've Met My One And Only 2:38
A7 Pat Kelley – The Stranger Dressed In Black 2:20
A8 Cliff Crawford– A Night For Love 2:02
A9 Ray Godfrey - Overall Song 2:08
B1 Mike Cushman – Playtoy 2:28
B2 Mike Cushman – Me And My Guitar 2:03
B3 Mike Cushman – Why 2:33
B4 The Cubs – Ram Charger 1:36
B5 Bluegrass Ervin– Butterflies 1:10
B6 Bluegrass Ervin– Running Around 2:04
B7 The Play Toys– I'm The Man 2:50
B8 The Play Toys– Dribble 2:52

(Thanks (Juarez)

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Juarez

WLP 8936 : https://workupload.com/file/vCLvwYVCNAx

Anonyme a dit…

Excellent! I'm on the trail of lost time. (Juarez)

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Uncle Gil: Can I ask for a repost? LP Stars of Texas - Honky Tonk. The LP cover is on the blog, on the left side. - Thanks (Juarez)