mercredi 19 janvier 2022

The Martian Band


A01 - Johnny O'Keefe - Shake Baby Shake
A02 - Elroy Peace & Bow Ribbon - Quick Like
A03 - Wailin' Bill Dell - You Gotta Be Loose
A04 - Mad Mike & The Maniacs - The Hunch
A05 - Wildtones - The Martian Band
A06 - Musical Linn Twins - Indian Rock
A07 - Del-Roys - Bermuda Shorts
A08 - Rose Marie McCoy - Dippin' In My Business
A09 - Johnny Knight - Snake Shake
A10 - Little Cameron - She's Leaving
A11 - Volcanos - Oh Oh Mojo
B01 - Portugese Joe - Teenage Riot
B02 - Pinetoppers - Shout Bamalama
B03 - Orbits - Knock Her Down
B04 - Galaxies - This Rock'n'Roll
B05 - Emanons - Emanons Rock
B06 - Bill Johnson - You Better Dig It
B07 - Billy Lamont - Hear Me Now
B08 - Bob Vidone - Untrue
B09 - Emmett Lord - Women
B10 - Katie Sweet - I Love To Rock

Vinyl rip

11 commentaires:

hotrodmike a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil. These are so much fun to hear again.

Aitor Rodriguez a dit…

Thanks so much for a reup of this gems.

Boll Weevil a dit…

Thank you! Do you also have vol 4 of the series?

Uncle Gil a dit…

Thanks for comments.
@Boll Weevil:
The three volumes posted are the only ones I own. I have the others as poor quality .mp3s as well as scans of covers in postage stamp format.

Boll Weevil a dit…

I have all four from the web, don't remember exactly where I got them. They are declared 320 kbps (probably fake) and pretty descent covers, back covers edited as fake CD covers, although I guess they are vinyl rips also. But I would rather prefer your rips.
I can send them to you if you have interest or put the link right here if you don't mind

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Boll Weevil:
Yes please, you can put the link here.
Thanks by advance.

Boll Weevil a dit…

Here they are

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Boll Weevil:
Thanks a lot.
I allow myself to post volume 4. It was in fake 320. I re-encoded it in original bitrate (to protect the Planet :) )

Boll Weevil a dit…

I think it's fair :)

Blue DeVille a dit…

Greetings to Uncle Gil and y'all.I could help too, 15 tracks each, but 10 volumes, I see some old visitors here, know where we are, come on over. All the best for 2022.

MANUEL a dit…

Muchas gracias a todos, es fantástico encontrar grandes discos y buenas personas