lundi 24 janvier 2022

Long Train To Memphis


A1 - Home In Your Hand
A2 - Biggest Dog In Town
A3 - Hair Of The Dog
A4 - My Own Kick Going
A5 - The Boss Daughter
A6 - Wild And Wooly Life
A7 - Ain't That Good Wood
A8 - About Cured
A9 - I Can't Kick You
B1 - Grandma's Rockin'
B2 - Money Honey
B3 - Keep A Knockin'
B4 - Long Train To Memphis
B5 - When He Flies Away
B6 - Get Out Of My Life
B7 - That Woman
B8 - Beat, Broke And Blue
B9 - The Road Keeps Winding

By special request

3 commentaires:

Boll Weevil a dit…

Thank you for posting this rarity!
Arrangements sound like mid to late 60's, is there any info about these recordings?

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ Boll Weevil.
You're right. Mid to late sixties. No more info except for "The Road Keeps Winding" who was issued on Amy Records (NY) (1968 or later).

Stinky a dit…

So good to have you back, Uncle Gil!

P.S. Je ne suis pas un robot