mercredi 10 novembre 2021

Fi Fi Panchot


A1 - The Grand Mamou Orch. - Bayou Pom Pom
A2 - The Grand Mamou Orch. - Calcasieu Waltz
A3 - The Grand Mamou Orch. - I Was At The Dance Last Night
A4 - The Grand Mamou Orch. - Waltz Of The Marshes
A5 - The Grand Mamou Orch. - Fi Fi Panchot
A6 - The Grand Mamou Orch. - Kaplan Waltz
B1 - The Branch Playboys - Young Men Of The Country Side (Vcl By John
B2 - The Branch Playboys - The Daughters Of The Widow (Vcl By Leon
B3 - The Branch Playboys - The Fames Of Hell (Vcl By John)
B4 - The Branch Playboys - Grande Prairie Waltz (Vcl By Marion)
B5 - Bessyl Duhon - When Your Baby Isn't There
B6 - Bessyl Duhon - Love Bridge Waltz
B7 - Bessyl Duhon - Diggy Liggy Lo
B8 - Bessyl Duhon - Grand Mamou

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3 commentaires:

Bob Mac a dit…

Thanks for Vol 2.

flatspin a dit…

Thanks. More excellent cajun music.

Edith a dit…

Bedankt voor deze 2 cajun albums