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jeudi 7 octobre 2021

The Way I Walk

JACK SCOTT - LP Picture Disc Bison Bop 2035

A1 - Baby,She's Gone
A2 - Two Timin' Woman
A3 - What Am I Living For
A4 - Go Wild Little Sadie
A5 - There Comes A Time
A6 - I Never Felt Like This
A7 - With Your Love
B1 - Leroy
B2 - Geraldine
B3 - The Way I Walk
B4 - Midgie
B5 - My True Love
B6 - Save My Soul
B7 - Goodbye Baby

Vinyl ripped by unknown.

3 commentaires:

Aussie a dit…

thank you Uncle

Anonyme a dit…

Thanks a lot. May you be so kind and also re-upload Hillbilly Favorites Vols. 2, 7, 8 ... and if there is 10 and more too please. All the best, Pete

Boll Weevil a dit…

Great, thank you Uncle!