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samedi 11 septembre 2021

Sleepy Time Blues


A1 - Peepin' Eyes
A2 - I've Been Deceived
A3 - Wedding Gown Of White
A4 - Defrost Your Heart
A5 - Sleepy Time Blues
A6 - All Messed Up
A7 - I Forgot To Remember To Forget
A8 - Let's Love A Little
B1 - Introduction
B2 - Mound Of Clay
B3 - Tongue Tied Jill
B4 - Send Me The Pillow
B5 - Folsom Prison Blues
B6 - Uh Uh Honey
B7 - Gone Gone Gone
B8 - Don't Let Me Cross Over

Vinyl rip

2 commentaires:

dc_animal a dit…

Thanks Uncle Gil! Glad to have you back! Any chance you could repost the Goldband Rockabilly album (the one from Rock & Country Records, not the Ace Records one)? You posted it quite a while back and my archive file got corrupted when I had to recover from a hard drive crash. If it helps, the page on Discogs is /release/3466108

Uncle Gil a dit…

@ dc_animal

Done ! And thanks for the Discogs link as I'm able to update the covers and labels !