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vendredi 10 septembre 2021

I Will Rock And Roll With You


A1 - Gone Girl
A2 - I Will Rock And Roll With You
A3 - The Diplomat
A4 - No Expectations
A5 - It Comes And Goes
B1 - It'll Be Her
B2 - The Gambler
B3 - Cajun Born
B4 - You And Me (with June Carter)
B5 - A Song For The Life (with Rosanne Cash)

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5 commentaires:

Salle a dit…

The best album after 1964!!!

reggiecat666 a dit…

can i have a link pleaese

Uncle Gil a dit…

@reggiecat666 (Satan ?)
It seems you are new, here.
Welcome !
Try to click on the album title...
Good luck !

reggiecat666 a dit…

i have its not there sorry

reggiecat666 a dit…

got it thankyou so much